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Netacea bot protection detects and mitigates against the most sophisticated bot attacks. Our AI-powered bot management software constantly analyzes all website, API and app traffic, revealing malicious intent, removing detection gaps and autonomously prevents impact to your business. And you'll save effort with zero signatures to update or agents to install.

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Defensive AI For Effective Bot Protection & Online Fraud Prevention

Detection & stopping bad bots is a crucial component of any effective online fraud prevention strategy but staying ahead of the next attack can feel like an impossible task. Bad bots can execute fraudulent activity at extreme volume in a very human way, and attackers can adapt their techniques at high speed. The capabilities of increasingly sophisticated bots present a major problem for conventional bot detection solutions whose signatures and rules are rapidly bypassed. With Netacea’s AI-powered approach to bot protection & mitigation you get back control, save time, and can automate what used to take vital hours away from your team.

Without Netacea

  • Close Limited client-side detection
  • Close Slow, tedious and manually updated agents
  • Close Bots can go undetected for 18 weeks
  • Close Often bypassed by simple bots
  • Close False positives traded for decreased detection

With Netacea

  • Behavior-based protection that spots six times more threats
  • Automatically maintains itself server-side
  • Spots bot attacks in real-time and mitigates them instantly
  • Hard to detect, difficult to bypass
  • Ultra-low false positive rate (0.001%)

Forrester Wave 2022

Netacea gets top score for bot detection in Forrester Wave

Forrester, a leading research organization, has identified Netacea as a Strong Performer in its 2022 evaluation of the bot management market.

Netacea gets top score for bot detection in Forrester Wave
  • “With Netacea we were able to detect up to 49% more carding attacks and account takeover attacks than what Perimeter X (HUMAN)”

  • "From having regular security incidents to nothing really happening is great. Looking at the mitigation graphs, lots happening, nothing getting through!"

  • "Excellent company - real experts in their field. We have successfully blocked scraping bots - reducing website load and preventing downtime"

Multiple Integration Options, Not an Agent in Sight

Never deploy agents again, discover how our server side approach allows for a swift and cost effective integration. A single deployment to cover Web, App and API using the tech you already have.

  • F5
  • Magento
  • Nginx
  • Netacea Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Cloudfare
  • Fastly
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Alert Logic
  • Amazon S3
  • Elastic Search
  • Google Analytics
  • Kafka
  • Matomo
  • Varnish
  • API
  • Java
  • Node
  • Okta
  • PHP
  • Splunk

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  • Unrivalled threat detection. Spot up to 6x more threats.
  • The power of intent based bot protection.
  • Reduced false positives, 0.001%.
  • A single no code solution for websites, apps and API's.
  • Threat intelligence support and guidance from our bot experts.

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