Published: 17/01/2022

Automated Traffic Bot

An automated traffic bot is a program that generates traffic for websites by performing automated activities such as creating affiliate links and exposure in search engines. It is called “automated” and “robot” because it interacts with website features without human intervention and cannot be detected using normal methods.

How it works

An automated traffic bot can be used to send visitors to a website or webpage without the user’s knowledge by either inserting links in outgoing emails, creating links for social media sites or including links on forums and message boards, for example. Traffic bots are usually only effective when they perform activities that appear natural such as placing genuine-looking comments on blogs and online articles. However, they can be used to post spam messages with affiliate links in comment sections of websites such as YouTube.

What makes automated traffic bots unique is that they never sleep. They will continue performing their activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing them to accumulate huge amounts of targeted traffic if left undetected.

How to prevent automated traffic bots from visiting your website

It is important to check your website statistics regularly for any unusual traffic increase that may indicate the activity of an automated traffic bot. You can also use a spam protection service or program that can be used to block automated bots from visiting your site. When automated bots are blocked, spammers will have no choice but to find another way to send out their spam email because it will not reach the mail servers.

What to do if your website is under attack

If you discover that your website is under attack by an automated traffic bot, it is important to block the IP address used by the program. Some of these bots will have random IP addresses which makes them difficult to detect and block. These types of bots use a dynamic IP address that can be changed at any time so you will need to block the IP address as soon as you find it. You can also use a deny listing service or spam protection program that will detect and block automatic traffic bots from visiting your site.

Large businesses may want to invest in an advanced anti-bot solution that protects their assets in real-time. If bot activity is found, anti-bot solutions can go into immediate action to protect your website or servers. These solutions use an intelligence engine that can identify bots by comparing them against a vast database of known bot behavior.

You can also implement WordPress security plugins that can detect any unauthorized login attempts. They will also automatically block bots from being used for spamming activity which will prevent them from accessing your site.

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