Published: 08/06/2022

Bot analytics tools to improve your website

Data is vital for making good business decisions. Dashboards such as Google Analytics enable you to analyze and assess risk, opportunity, and threats to ensure your decisions are based in fact — and bot analytics are no different.

Bots are responsible for more than half of all e-commerce cyberattacks, as well as threats in other sectors, too — so it’s important to know if and how bots are affecting your online business.

Learn more about bot analytics tools, why you should consider using them for your business, and how to choose the right system for you.

What are bot analytics tools and why are they important for your website?

Bot analytics tools show you the data behind the bot activity on your site. From chatbots to malware, bot analytics help you understand how bots are impacting your user experience, marketing campaigns, and online security.

Bot analytics tools offer lots of different datasets. To find the right tool, you should know which metrics are helpful for understanding bot activity. Bot metrics include:

  • Mitigated vs unmitigated website or API requests
  • Types of bot traffic (such as scrapers, search engine bots, and marketing bots)
  • Bot countries of origin
  • CAPTCHA pass rate
  • Bot attack trails and breakdowns

These metrics can show you where the flaws are in your security setup, flag unusual activity, and help you put the right security measures in place for the best user experience.

How bot analytics tools improve user experience

With the right bot analytics system, you’ll get more than lots of raw data. With data funneled into useful, easy-to-read dashboards, analytics tools give you actionable insights that’ll improve your website or app for your active users.

This valuable data allows you to:

  • Put security measures in place that minimize impact on user experience
  • Monitor user behavior, so you can track engagement and see where users bounce from your site
  • Prioritize humans at the expense of bot activity, if you have an analytics tool with built-in bot management
  • Improve performance and accessibility of helpful bots, such as chatbots, search engine spiders, and marketing bots.

Other reasons to invest in bot analytics tools

Bot analytics aren’t just important for user experience. They can also provide you with detailed business intelligence that enables you to make decisions around security, marketing, key performance indicators, and risk management.

With bot-specific metrics, detailed data drilldowns, and built-in risk scoring, you can base your business decisions in hard data, rather than estimations and predictions.

Choosing the best bot analytics tool for your website

Many bot detection tools focus on how bots infiltrate your site, rather than what they’re actually doing to gain access. As a result, they’re always one step behind bot developers, who are consistently coming up with new ways to evade detection.

At Netacea, we focus on the specific actions bots perform to crawl and attack your site. By monitoring these actions and highlighting the critical metrics in your dashboards, you can learn more about the bot activity affecting your website.

Understanding bot behavior is the best way to mitigate against malicious activity. Our Intent Analytics™ engine combines machine learning with human intelligence, offering multi-layered protection against bot attacks, as well as invaluable insights into bot behavior.

Learn more about the data available in Netacea’s bot analytics platform in this two-minute tour of our data dashboards.

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