Deliver Better Insights to Clients by Banishing Bad Bots

Base your recommendations on verified genuine users, not bots, with Netacea Bot Management. Detects six times more bots than competitors with extremely low false positives.

How Do Bots Skew Analytics?

Most businesses base around 30% of their marketing decisions on analytics, counting on data to learn how customers interact with their brand, create engaging experiences, and measure success. But not all web traffic is what it seems, with up to 60% generated by both good and bad bots. Netacea’s mission is to allow marketers to trust their data by identifying all bots.

How Netacea Can Remove Bad Bots From Acxiom’s Marketing Data

Bot Attack IntelligenceBot Management
How it works
Dynamic feed of known bot threats
Netacea's full bot management solution
Recommendations from Netacea platform

Instantly block known threats detected across the Netacea platform

Client specific recommendations

Bespoke models for detecting bots targeting specific customers

Direct plugin to SIEM/XDR tools
Inline via pre-built integrations, or offline via batch web log processing
Time to integrate

Leading Brands Trust Us to Stop Bots

  • Target
  • Discks Sporting Goods
  • Office
  • BT
  • Tesco
  • Pets at Home
  • GAP

The Netacea Difference Acxiom Can Expect

  • Unmatched Accuracy icon

    Unmatched Accuracy

    Unidentified bots are making Acxiom's products less accurate, costing you money. You need confidence that you are only filtering out bots, not humans. Our false positive rate of 0.001% is unmatched in the industry, meaning we can detect six times more automated threats than competitors.

  • Easy Integration icon

    Easy Integration

    Our full bot management solution analyzes every single interaction with your clients’ websites and apps and makes bot blocking recommendations, either in real time or in batches – Or we can provide our Bot Attack Intelligence feed, powered by our analysis of billions of requests across our platform daily.

  • Always Up To Date icon

    Always Up To Date

    Take the guess work and effort out of filtering out bot traffic from your web logs. Netacea will automatically give Acxiom and your customers the latest intelligence on what’s bot or not, using advanced machine learning modules with no manual intervention needed.

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Thank you for considering Netacea in your fight against bad bots at Acxiom.

We believe Netacea would be the perfect partner to help Acxiom rid your customer data of bot traffic and deliver the best recommendations possible to your clients. We know how costly misinformed decision making can be in marketing, with considerable budget spent based on data-driven decisions. Working with Netacea would allow you to offer more accurate insights to your clients by filtering out bot traffic, leaving only real visitor behavior.

Our expertise is in stopping bots, with a track record of helping some of the world’s largest organizations, such as Target and Tesco, tackle what was at one time deemed an ungovernable risk. We can deliver our constantly relevant list of known bot attacks into your platform with Bot Attack Intelligence, or apply our full Bot Management product that analyses every single request in web log data across your platform to detect bots using customized AI models.

Whatever approach you choose, you will reduce your exposure to bot-influenced bad data and free your teams from manual management whilst above all else delivering world class marketing data experiences.

Joe Murray
SVP Partnerships, Netacea

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