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Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea™ Bot Protection.

Agentless bot blocking software makes trusted, autonomous bot prevention a reality for enterprise.

  • Check Icon Analyze all traffic and block unwanted bots. 0.001% false positive rate.
  • Check Icon Automated real-time detection and response for web, app and API.
  • Check Icon Deploys at the edge. Invisible to attackers, deters the most persistent threats.

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Award winning bot prevention software. Performs at scale. Trusted by enterprise.

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More threats detected


API Abuse Reduction


Annual savings in cyber related fraud

No more trade offs, manual work or missed attacks.
Netacea™ redefines how you stop bots:

Single Deployment

Agentless, Self Managing

Protect websites, APIs and apps with a single, dynamically updated, edge integration invisible to attackers.

Single Deployment

Industry-Leading Defensive AI

Trusted hands-free detection proven to block bots 33x more effectively, with 0.001% false positives.

Single Deployment

Active Attack Intelligence

Visualise live attacks in real-time, understand business impacts drive SOC intelligence and decision making.


Traditional bot protection is broken.
Netacea fixes that.

Legacy controls lack consolidated visibility of the traffic concealing bot attacks on websites, applications and APIs.
Multiple agents are complex to manage, slow to react and eventually bypassed. Resulting in missed attacks, long threat dwell times that impact customers or erode critical business resources and revenues.

Reviews Start

“We saw 49% more carding and account takeover attacks than PerimeterX/Human. Agentless in nature, easy to test, and even easier to implement.”


Without Netacea
With Netacea
Cross Icon Limited attack surface visibility
Cross Icon Full attack surface visibility. Removes detection gaps
Cross Icon Slow, tedious manually updated agents.
Cross Icon Automated server side updates. Always up to date.
Cross Icon Bots go undetected for up to 18 weeks
Cross Icon Detects active attacks in real-time. Spots 33x more threats.
Cross Icon Visible. Easy to bypass.
Cross Icon Invisible protection. Tough to bypass.
Cross Icon False positives traded for decreased detection.
Cross Icon Ultra-low false positive rate (0.001%)
Cross Icon Complex to deploy. Complex & expensive to maintain
Cross Icon One time agentless deployment. Effortless, lowers cost.
Automated Attacks

Keep pace with automated attacks.
Block more bot attacks from the edge.

Closer to the user, a single edge integration rapidly analyses the huge volumes of traffic hitting websites, applications and APIs. Netacea's defensive AI engine detects adversarial intent, automatically responding to prevent attacks and secure your attack surfaces.

All before the kill chain. All at scale. Across the entire web attack surface.

Netacea helps you block the most evasive and complex bot attack vectors:

Account Takeover

Account takeovers

Stop malicious actors from seizing control of customer accounts.

Carding Fraud

Carding Fraud

Detect and block automated card cracking, carding and enumeration attacks.

Credential Stuffing

Credential stuffing

Block attackers from brute forcing their way into your customers' accounts.

Fake Account Creation

Fake account creation

Halt attempts to create masses of accounts; damaging your business.

Loyalty Point Fraud

API Abuse

Protect your APIs against attacks that cause operational outages or gain access to sensitive data.

Scalper Bots

Scalper bots

Maintain the integrity of online sales and ensure goods go to real customers.

Web Scraping

Content / Web scraping

Identify and stop web scrapers that compromise your website.

Skewed Marketing Analytics

Captcha Bypass

Anti bot protection that prevents bots bypassing your captcha controls.


Comprehensive detection. Automated response. Real-time intelligence.



One lightweight agentless integration for coverage of the entire attack surface. Efforless to manage and maintain.



Automated Detection and response for sophisticated bot attacks with defensive AI and ML trained on large datasets.



Understand attacks and interrogate granular data with a specialist threat intelligence dashboard. Integrate with the SOC for better strategy formulation.

Reduce friction

No impact on customer experience.
Fails Open.

Never stand in your customers way. Netacea blocks unwanted bots whilst allowing human traffic to flow without friction. Whilst never impacting your business operations with the ability to fail open.

Automated Attacks
Automated Attacks

Always up to date

Automated Server Side Protection. Reduce risk & avoid complex time consuming deployment cycles.

Netacea users benefit from an always ready active threat database that constantly updates and adapts itself to evolving threats without the need to wait for rule changes or manual updates that leave you vulnerable to attacks. Every time a bot attacks and then retools, Netacea adapts in real time to thwart it.

Invisible to attackers

Invisible protection thats expensive to attack

Attackers exploit what they can see. With server side protection from Netacea, your bot protection becomes invisible. Attackers wont know whats blocking them. They can't reverse engineer to bypass us either. This acts to deter and exhaust attackers. Removing the cost opportunity and motivation to persistently attack you.

Invisible To Attackers
Automated Attacks

Threat Intelligence

Human augmented threat intelligence

Benefit from a specialist threat research team investigating bot technologies and criminal groups. Understand how they are targeting your business and sector.


Flexible. Fast.
Low cost integration.

Never deploy agents again, discover how our server side approach allows for a swift and cost effective integration. A single deployment to cover Web, App and API using the tech you already have.

Amazon Cloudfront
Commerce Cloud
Node JS

Best Bot Detection
Proven Results.


Bot Management Wave 2022

  • Check Icon Top score for bot protection.
  • Check Icon Top score for threat research

Application Security

  • Check Icon Named sample vendor for bot management in the 2023 Hype Cycle for Application Security
Forrester Rating
Netacea Vs Akamai

Global fashion retailer detects 22x more bots using Netacea compared to Akamai Bot Manager.

Netacea Vs Fastly

Netacea detected 24,408 bots on a global streaming platform site – Fastly missed 95% of these, 
only detecting 1,366.

Netacea Vs Shape Security

Netacea detected 99.2 million scraper bots on a travel booking website – Shape missed 93.4% of these, only detecting 6.5 million.