Netacea's Bot Protection Software: The Solution to Prevent Bot Attacks.

Secure your business against the latest bot threats with Netacea's AI powered bot protection software. Our bot protection technology constantly analyzes all website, API and app traffic, revealing malicious intent and autonomously prevents impact to your business in real-time.

AI Powered Intent Based Bot Protection

Analyze visitors and identify active bot attacks in real time using our patented intent analytics™. Compared to conventional bot solutions our defensive AI helps brands detect & stop up to 6x more active threats.

Single Point of Integration. Zero Agents

Our bot protection solution sits at the edge, with no code or agents needed, making it easy & fast to deploy. Providing extensive bot protection for all web, app, and API traffic within a single deployment.

An Always Up to Date Bot Protection Playbook

Light touch management with no need to manage rules, software or signatures. Netacea bot protection uses machine learning to tune itself and evolve automatically to combat threats.

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What our customers think:

  • 5 star bot management review

    "The best bot protection!"

    We saw 49% more carding and account takeover attacks than PerimeterX/Human. Agentless in nature, easy to test, and even easier to implement.

    CISO in Consumer Goods,
  • 5 stars

    "Excellent company - real experts"

    "Excellent company - real experts in their field. We have successfully blocked scraping bots - reducing website load and preventing downtime."

    Head of SRE UK,
  • 5 stars

    "My world is much quieter now!"

    "From having regular security incidents to nothing really happening is great. Looking at the mitigation graphs, lots happening, nothing getting through!"

    Internal Consultant, Telecommunications,
  • 5 stars

    "Excellent product, great team"

    "Amazing bot detection and mitigation capabilities with a very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team."

    Administrator, Information Technology and Communications,
  • 4.5 Stars

    "Great supplier, very talented"

    "The professionalism of the team and company as a whole in delivers an excellent service for us, not only day to day, but on our key events."

    Consultant, Retail,
  • 4.5 Stars

    "Great product and great service"

    "Our on-call engineers can now rest easier at night knowing that automated and proactive threat blocking from Netacea is taking action in near real-time against numerous attacks."

    Administrator in Financial Services,
  • SINET Bot Protection Award
  • G2 Bot Protection Customer Service Award
  • G2 Bot Protection High performer at stopping and mitigating bots
  • Forrester ranked Netacea for bot protection and first for bot detection

Netacea offers advanced bot protection and security against a wide range of attack types:

Without Netacea

  • Close Limited client-side detection
  • Close Slow, tedious and manually updated agents
  • Close Bots can go undetected for 18 weeks
  • Close Often bypassed by simple bots
  • Close False positives traded for decreased detection

With Netacea

  • Behavior-based protection that spots six times more threats
  • Automatically maintains itself server-side
  • Spots bot attacks in real-time and mitigates them instantly
  • Hard to detect, difficult to bypass
  • Ultra-low false positive rate (0.001%)