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Combine Netacea and Queue-it for Bot Free Product Drops

Queue-it's virtual waiting room, combined with Netacea's bot protection, delivers a robust, multi-layered strategy to combat bot traffic during high-traffic events. This approach ensures a fair customer experience by controlling online traffic and preventing unfair advantages gained by bots and bad actors looking to access limited inventory ahead of your real customers.


solution overview

Stop Unwanted Bots Jumping the Queue

Netacea Bot Management for Queue-it offers a unique solution that neutralizes the advantage gained by bots operating at scale, ensuring fair access for your true customers on your busiest days.

  • Deliver Human-Only Queues icon

    Deliver Human-Only Queues

    Deliver fair access to your true customers. Queue-it's pre-queue randomization and Netacea's robust invisible bot detection combine to neutralize bad bots at scale.

  • Reduce Bot Abuse at Scale icon

    Reduce Bot Abuse at Scale

    Reduce the risk and resource costs of bots slowing down or creating site downtime. Control loss of revenue, productivity and brand trust through negative buyer experiences.

  • Greater Visibility & Security icon

    Greater Visibility & Security

    Detect and stop malicious bot traffic across all your endpoints, achieving greater visibility without the complexity of managing multiple solutions.

Why Enhance Queue-it with Netacea?

Make the switch from outdated bot protection to a better solution:

  • Grant access only to users who have queued fairly – not bots
  • Close integration + support ensures full compatibility
  • Invisible, robust bot protection
  • Highly scalable, low latency solution
  • Advanced reporting on bot detection and mitigation actions
  • Ensure only genuine good bots (Googlebot etc.) bypass queues

Integrating Netacea + Queue-it is Easy

Netacea’s plugin library makes it easy to deploy Netacea Bot Management alongside your existing Queue-it integration. The two solutions cooperate seamlessly with a singular purpose – to keep bad bots out of your queues and ensure real customers get a great experience.

Key Features & Benefits

Multilayered defense bankrupts bots

Scalpers make money by automatically snatching high demand items to resell at the expense of real fans. The multilayered defense of bot mitigation by Netacea, plus queue position randomization by Queue-it ahead of hype events, makes scalper bot attacks too complex and expensive to be worthwhile.

Never fail when fans need you

Hot drops can cause massive spikes in traffic, overwhelming existing bot management solutions and bringing the whole store down with it. Netacea’s highly scalable cloud-based deployment at the edge works alongside Queue-it’s traffic management to ensure smooth on-sale events.

Invisible bot protection

Savvy scalpers can detect the bot management tool in place, then use online repositories to find a bypass. Netacea is invisible to attackers and isn’t listed in anti-bot bypass lists, keeping Queue-it customers clear of bot traffic.

Sort good bots from bad

Bad bots often attempt to masquerade as business-critical good bots, such as Googlebot or other partners, to bypass queues. Netacea allows trusted bots through, automatically validates that these are what they claim to be, and blocks traffic from bad bots in disguise.

Two solutions working in harmony

Tight technical integration between Netacea Bot Management and Queue-it removes the opportunity for bots to slip into queues undetected.

Only users confirmed as human get a place in line, and only users who have queued fairly can access their destination.

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