Don't Risk Revenue & Reputation on Outdated Solutions That Bad Bots Can Beat.

Ranked #1 for bot detection, Netacea offers an alternative more effective approach to tackling bot-driven online fraud. Invisible to attackers, tough to bypass, updates automatically, stopping bots in real time. This is the better way to beat bad bots compared to Akamai, DataDome, F5 and Perimeter X.


Netacea: The Better Way to Beat Bad Bots

  • Single integration for Web, Apps and API. icon

    Single integration for Web, Apps and API.

    Simplify your bot protection with one straightforward integration point that covers every entry point for automated attackers – even APIs.

  • 6x Better at stopping bots in real time icon

    6x Better at stopping bots in real time

    Netacea’s AI engine, Intent Analytics™, is six times more effective than competitors at detecting and blocking a wide range of malicious bots.

  • Hyper light touch management icon

    Hyper light touch management

    Bot detection that constantly updates in response to attacks, with no manual intervention required and no disruption to teams or customers.

"The best bot protection!"

“Netacea's bot mitigation models have served us well for years now; the combination of AI and human expertise provides a formidable defensive front. Netacea is helping us daily blocking of bad actors across multiple areas including DDos, stuffing attacks, scrapers and fake account creation.”

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Why security experts choose Netacea over conventional bot management solutions

Proven to Detect more threats than any other solution

Sophisticated bots can bypass human tests better than humans can. They also adapt too quickly for rules to be effective. Netacea offers a more effective approach, scrutinizing user behavior across all your traffic sources, applying AI-powered intent analytics with machine learning to identify bot threats in real-time. Detecting the sneakiest bots that often bypass conventional solutions.

Stop more bots accurately, without ever impacting your customer's experience

Your customer shouldn't be impacted by your bot solution, Netacea detects bad bots automatically, returning a 0.001% false positive rate. Also, in our easy-to-use dashboard, you can redirect or challenge attacks in real-time. This is done invisibly without disrupting legitimate customers' experience

No more manual updates to signatures or agents. Our threat detection playbook keeps you protected from the latest threats.

With Netacea you get access to a constantly evolving active threat database (ATD) that automatically updates your defenses to secure you from the latest sophisticated attacks. Saving you hours of time, reducing maintenance costs and giving you the confidence that your bot protection is never out of date.

See how leading brands use Netacea to tackle bots

Effective detection without costly maintenance

Never deploy agents again, discover how our server side approach allows for a swift and cost effective integration. A single deployment to cover Web, App and API using the tech you already have.

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