Published: 12/03/2020

Netacea identified as a bot management leader

Manchester-based cybersecurity leader startup protects websites, mobile apps and APIs with revolutionary server-side approach to bot management

Manchester, 3rd February 2020 – Netacea, a provider of bot management solutions, has been ranked a leader in the Forrester New WaveTM: Bot Management, Q1 2020 report.

Forrester, a top research organisation that provides advice on existing and emerging technology, has identified Netacea as a leader in its 2020 evaluation of the emerging bot management market.

The researchers evaluated the top 13 vendors in bot management and determined Netacea to have among the highest score in the strategy category with a differentiated rating in 8 out of 10 criteria.

Manchester-based Netacea has developed pioneering bot management technology that protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats using an intelligent detection engine: Intent AnalyticsTM. By identifying and prioritising genuine human traffic, organisations maximise their online revenues, safeguard the brand reputation and mitigate risk.

Netacea’s differentiating server-side approach to bot management combines web log analysis with real-time and historic trends to analyse user behaviour and determine intent. The technology is uniquely equipped to detect sophisticated threats, combining extensive signal collection with deep analysis and dashboards that address both security and business context in the enterprise environment.

Sandy Carielli and Amy DeMartine, Forrester Principal Analyst and VP, Research Director, respectively, stated in the report: “Netacea leads the pack with robust attack response and dashboarding capabilities. Netacea offers a full set of responses, including a black hole—an open connection with no response—and a bot state indicator that injects user information into the HTTP header for developers to act upon.

“Netacea Is the best fit for companies that need to protect a wide range of traffic. Netacea’s server-side only model allows it to detect and respond to bot traffic coming from web applications, mobile devices, APIs, IoT devices, and any other web-based systems.”

Jeremy Gidlow, Netacea CEO and co-founder said: “We believe the result of the evaluation validates our position in the bot management market. Netacea’s approach is very different to others and it’s great to have this independently validated and valued. This is an incredible achievement for the whole team.”

Andy Still, Netacea CTO and co-founder said: “We think The Forrester New Wave results reflect the strength of our technology offering and validates our decision to take a different approach to the bot challenge; with particular reference to our robust attack response and dashboarding capabilities. While we have no intention of resting on our laurels, this result means we are in an excellent position as we kick-off our 2020 product roadmap.”

About Netacea

Netacea, a bot detection and mitigation platform, takes a smarter approach to bot management and is a recognised leader for its innovative use of threat intelligence and machine learning. Netacea’s Intent AnalyticsTM engine analyses web and API logs in near real-time to identify and mitigate bot threats. This unique approach provides businesses with transparent, actionable threat intelligence that empowers them to make informed decisions about their traffic.

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