Published: 01/12/2022

Netacea Cybersecurity and Bot Predictions 2023

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Each year Netacea’s Threat Research team predicts the top cyber-trends for the following 12 months. Looking towards the year ahead, we’ve predicted trends across cybersecurity and the bot landscape to help your business stay one step ahead of cyber-attackers in 2023.

Geopolitical and social factors continue to shape the bot landscape and attack vectors, with APIs still a rising target and state warfare influencing attack origins and motivations. Emerging and evolving technologies such as IoT devices widens attack surface area, meaning attacks grow in sophistication, volume and intensity.

As usual, the ethics and law enforcement surrounding cyber-attacks continue to change the arms race between business, state and attacker. But as governments become smarter and legislation gets tougher, bots change the game.

Read the report to learn:

  • Cybersecurity predictions set to shape the industry
  • Bot predictions businesses must be aware of in 2023
  • How enterprises can stay one step ahead of attackers

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