Published: 02/08/2021

Netacea Listed as a Representative Vendor in Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection

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Netacea is identified as a Representative Vendor in the 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection.

The market research organization provides businesses with advice and tools to help them achieve their goals. In the 2021 report, “The listed vendors represent what is core in the market, what it extends, and what will transform it.”

Representative Vendors are selected on the following basis:

  • “Vendors that are offering capabilities supporting digital fraud detection in a way that is unique, innovative and/or that demonstrates a forward-looking product strategy.
  • Frequent inquiries by Gartner clients about that vendor for digital fraud use cases.
  • A vendor that is representative of a particular market segment or geographic region, thus helping to illustrate the breadth of the market.
  • Fair representation from year to year, with rotation of vendors that may have previously met the above requirements but were omitted simply due to space restrictions.”

Download the full report today to find out why Netacea has been named a Representative Vendor in Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection.

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