Published: 09/07/2021

How to Prevent Scraper Bots: A Guide for Retailers

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Price scraping is one of the costliest bad bot threats to online retailers. It can jeopardize the overall security of eCommerce websites, customer loyalty and brand reputation, losing sales and driving consumers to competitor sites.

Scraping is often used to gather prices and product information from retail websites to allow competitors to undercut prices and offers – and the more successful the retailer, the more likely they are to become a target of scraping. As the eCommerce landscape grows, scraper bots grow in sophistication, and it’s crucial that retailers remain vigilant and prepared to deal with attacks.

This guide helps retailers understand the threat of web scraping and how to stay protected from malicious scraper bots.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How price scraping and content scraping affect the eCommerce industry
  • Risks of malicious web scraping for online retailers
  • How sophisticated bot management keeps retailers ahead scraper bots

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