Published: 10/03/2022

The Bot Management Review: Separating Bot Fact From Fiction

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You have WAF protection in place, so you should be protected from bots – right?


This is a popular myth held by many, when the fact is, it’s far from true.

To help bust some of the most popular bot myths, we surveyed 440 businesses across travel, entertainment, eCommerce, financial services and telecoms in the UK and US, to discover whether organizations can successfully separate bot fact from fiction.

We discovered that 73% of enterprise organizations believe that WAFs will stop sophisticated bots. In truth, WAFs are not designed to stop bot threats, though basic bot mitigation tools are often bundled with this service.

Our previous research revealed that bots damage businesses both directly and indirectly, with bot traffic costing businesses millions every year. However, while enterprises understand that this threat exists, this does not mean they know how to fight it.

Read the report to discover some of the most commonly held bot myths, and where the fact lies behind the fiction.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•  What are the biggest bot myths?

•  The near-myths: Fact-checking unreliable information

•  The truth about bots

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