Published: 29/03/2021

Technical Showcase: How Netacea Develops Cutting-Edge Bot Detection Techniques

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Have you ever wanted an insight into how Netacea develops pioneering bot detection and mitigation technologies?

In this white paper, you will discover how Netacea’s data science team works closely with our customers, developing innovative technology that tackles the emerging malicious bots that threaten their businesses.

This white paper reveals how Netacea’s Intent Pathways (patent pending) was developed alongside a customer, saving their business £3 million, before being expanded across our customer base.

What you’ll learn:

•   How data science can be leveraged to beat malicious bots

•   Our methodology for developing innovative solutions

•   Why it’s important for new features to quickly provide value to customers

•   The results we have already delivered through our Intent Pathways technology

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