Published: 03/05/2021

The Top Threats of 2021: Trends in Bot-Based Attacks

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2020 saw an increasing number of bot-based attacks as everyone and everything moved online in an unprecedented shift during the Covid-19 pandemic. The global number of internet users grew by 7.3% to 316 million last year, as more people relied on digital services. The way we work, shop and interact has changed – resulting in more communication and purchases happening online.

This increase in online activity has made scalper bots, account takeover and carding attacks extremely appealing. Unfortunately for brands, this means there is significant risk of financial and reputational brand damage from such attacks in 2021.

This whitepaper delves into the bot-based research conducted by our Threat Research team, uncovering the top three threats set to shape the bot landscape this year.

What you’ll learn:

•   Why carding attacks, scalper bots and credential stuffing attacks were the most notorious of the last 12 months

•   How bot attacks could damage your brand reputation, customer loyalty and profit

•   Why and how to be aware and prepared to face the bot problem head on in 2021

You can watch Netacea’s full webinar on the topic here.

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