Take action against account takeover

Protect your users, revenue, and time from account takeover attacks (ATO) – whilst keeping it simple for your users to login.

  • $16b

    a year lost to ATO attacks

  • $50m

    potential losses per day in the US

  • 282%

    increase in ATO attempts since 2020

How we stop account takeover:

  • Understand user behavior icon

    Understand user behavior

    We’ll work with you to understand what a legitimate customer login looks like, compared to a bot journey. When we know the difference, we silently monitor your web, mobile or APIs.

  • Detect and act  icon

    Detect and act

    When we see a user behaving atypically, Netacea decides what’s the best course of action. We either block, serve CAPTCHA, header inject, or notify you that we need your attention.

  • Learn for next time  icon

    Learn for next time

    After the automated attack, Netacea generates a complete breakdown of what’s happened. Learn where the incident originated, the size of the attack and much more in Attack Profile.

Why Netacea?

Account takeover costs $16 billion globally each year. By stopping these attacks with Netacea, you’ll protect your bottom line, save time, and prioritize customer experience.

  • Recognized by leading analysts  icon

    Recognized by leading analysts

    Forrester recognized our technology in their latest Wave, giving us top marks in the bot detection category – ensuring you’ll always detect and stop even the most evasive of account takeover attacks.

  • Adaptable, accurate, all-in-one icon

    Adaptable, accurate, all-in-one

    Using Active Threat Database and Intent Analytics™, our solution is always one step ahead of attackers across your websites, mobile apps and APIs.

  • Rapid implementation  icon

    Rapid implementation

    You can be up and running with our solution in as little as an hour, thanks to our raft of pre-configured integrations with leading content delivery networks, applications and platforms.

Why are account takeover attacks problematic?

Account takeover (ATO) attacks are a growing problem because of increased consumer activity on the internet; also, malicious actors are using more sophisticated approaches to gain access to accounts.

Huge data leaks are commonplace

Criminals use enormous data leaks, stolen from previous breaches and posted on the dark and open web, to fuel bot attacks.

Huge data leaks are commonplace

Login attempts are automated at scale

With large volumes of potential login details at their fingertips, criminals use malicious bots to validate these credentials and brute force their way into your customers’ accounts.

Login attempts are automated at scale

Your reputation is at stake

Failing to stop large-scale bot attacks not only damages your brand and its reputation, but it can also increase the likelihood of your mobile, website, and APIs becoming inoperable.

Your reputation is at stake

Old defenses are easily bypassed

Traditional defenses such as rate limiting, blacklisting IP addresses and even device fingerprinting are no longer enough to keep sophisticated bots out of customer accounts.

Old defenses are easily bypassed


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Trusted by enterprises to stop account takeover

  • 5 Stars

    "My world is much quieter now!"

    "From having regular security incidents to nothing really happening is great. Looking at the mitigation graphs, lots happening, nothing getting through!"

    Internal Consultant, Telecommunications,
  • 5 Stars

    "Excellent product, great team"

    "Amazing bot detection and mitigation capabilities with a very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team."

    Administrator, Information Technology and Communications,
  • 5 Stars

    "Excellent company - real experts"

    "Excellent company - real experts in their field. We have successfully blocked scraping bots - reducing website load and preventing downtime"

    Head of SRE UK,
  • 4.5 Star

    "Great supplier, very talented"

    "The professionalism of the team and company as a whole in delivers an excellent service for us, not only day to day, but on our key events."

    Consultant, Retail,
  • 4.5 Stars

    "Great product and great service"

    "Our on-call engineers can now rest easier at night knowing that automated and proactive threat blocking from Netacea is taking action in near real-time against numerous attacks."

    Administrator in Financial Services,

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Account Takeover

  • How does account takeover work?

    Usernames and passwords are acquired from mass data dumps that are accessible on the dark web. Each data dump can consist of millions of username and password combinations following years of data breaches carried out across multiple sites. The challenge for businesses resides not only in the availability and low price point of data dumps, but consumer behavior. With more passwords to keep track of, consumers are reusing log in details across multiple sites and neglecting password updates for years at a time.

  • How to detect account takeover attacks?

    Netacea uses a range of approaches to identify account takeover activity. At a simple level, the built-in reputational analysis and blacklist of known bad actors can easily weed out the less sophisticated attempts. However, this pool is rapidly shrinking as more complex tools are developed and become more widely available. To address the remaining attacks, Netacea has developed cutting-edge machine learning algorithms that adapt to detect evolving account takeover strategies and tools.

  • How to prevent account takeover?

    Netacea’s Intent Analytics™ Engine uses advanced machine learning techniques to detect account takeover attempts by spotting patterns of behavior that indicate malicious intent. This includes spotting indicators of an upcoming attack, such as large amounts of fake accounts being created that can be used to camouflage an account takeover, as well as the attack itself.

Built to tackle the sophisticated bot attacks you face every day

  • Account takeover icon

    Account takeover

  • Credential stuffing icon

    Credential stuffing

  • Sneaker and scalper bots icon

    Sneaker and scalper bots

  • Web scraping icon

    Web scraping

  • Card cracking icon

    Card cracking

  • Loyalty point fraud icon

    Loyalty point fraud

  • Fake account creation icon

    Fake account creation

  • Skewed marketing analytics icon

    Skewed marketing analytics

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