End fraud via fake account creation

Identify and remove bad actors abusing your account creation process, whilst always prioritizing legitimate users – boosting trust and brand reputation.

  • 20%

    of new accounts are fake

  • 71%

    of iGaming operators saw increased bonus abuse last year

  • 6.5 billion

    fake accounts deleted by Facebook in 2021

How we stop fake account creation:

  • Identify fake users icon

    Identify fake users

    We’ll tune your Netacea implementation to understand legitimate account creation behavior vs illegitimate, using machine learning to flag behaviors like automating actions at scale.

  • Block fraudsters fast icon

    Block fraudsters fast

    When our Intent Analytics™ engine identifies fake account creation, we block immediately and accurately with our agentless technology, powered by constantly improving machine learning.

  • Get smarter for next time  icon

    Get smarter for next time

    Each time we stop fake account creations, you’ll get a breakdown of what happened in Attack Profile. This information includes where the incident originated, its duration and much more.

Why Netacea?

Fake account creation is on the increase as attackers gain access to more sophisticated tools. Get a defense that's equally sophisticated with Netacea.

  • Single solution for apps, APIs, and website  icon

    Single solution for apps, APIs, and website

    Secure your estate with one solution for all your attack surfaces, that’s complemented by the best minds in bot security.

  • Recognized by leading analysts  icon

    Recognized by leading analysts

    Forrester recognized our technology in their latest Wave, giving us top marks in the bot detection category – ensuring you’ll always detect and stop evolving threats.

  • Rapid implementation with seamless integrations icon

    Rapid implementation with seamless integrations

    You can benefit from Netacea bot management in as little as an hour with our pre-configured integration connectors.

Why is fake account creation problematic?

Besides reputational damage, fraud, and potential loss of revenue, fake account creation also causes these three specific issues:

Promotes discount abuse

Your business offers sign-up discounts or bonuses to new customers. Fraudsters create multiple new accounts to game sign-up offers and sell them on the grey market.

Promotes discount abuse

Enables future attacks

Fake account creation is the first step in many other attacks; for example, fraudsters can bypass 'one per customer' restrictions on items they want to scalp for a profit on the secondary market.

Enables future attacks

Skews marketing analytics

You rely on data from your analytics to make key decisions. Fake account creation can skew this data, causing you to make decisions based on data that’s misleading and inaccurate.

Skews marketing analytics


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    "My world is much quieter now!"

    "From having regular security incidents to nothing really happening is great. Looking at the mitigation graphs, lots happening, nothing getting through!"

    Internal Consultant, Telecommunications,
  • 5 Stars

    "Excellent product, great team"

    "Amazing bot detection and mitigation capabilities with a very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team."

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    "Excellent company - real experts in their field. We have successfully blocked scraping bots - reducing website load and preventing downtime"

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    "The professionalism of the team and company as a whole in delivers an excellent service for us, not only day to day, but on our key events."

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    "Great product and great service"

    "Our on-call engineers can now rest easier at night knowing that automated and proactive threat blocking from Netacea is taking action in near real-time against numerous attacks."

    Administrator in Financial Services,

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about fake account creation

  • How does credential stuffing work?

    Businesses encourage users to create accounts to share discounts and offers, and monitor behavior. Creating an account therefore needs to be quick and easy so that the consumer isn’t deterred. However, it’s equally straightforward for attackers to register for an account that will be used with malicious intent. 
    Detecting and preventing fake account creation attacks is becoming increasingly difficult as attack techniques evolve. Sophisticated fake account creation attacks are highly distributed and will use fake or stolen identities. These attacks are carried out in short bursts or spread out over prolonged periods, making them difficult to effectively spot and stop using traditional security measures alone. 
    The challenge for many businesses is that more registered users is a sign of growth, and the rising number of registrations is unlikely to be investigated too rigorously - until it’s too late. 
    Once an attacker has amassed many fake accounts, some may lay dormant for a long time or, dependent on the type of account, will be used to scalp limited availability items, abuse new customer offers, or validate stolen credit cards.

  • Challenges of preventing fake account creation

    Detection is becoming increasingly difficult as attack techniques evolve. Sophisticated fake account creation attacks are highly distributed and will use fake or stolen identification details. These attacks are carried out in short bursts or spread out over prolonged periods, making them difficult to effectively spot and stop using traditional security measures alone.

    Other attempts to prevent fake accounts being created, such as the use of CAPTCHAs, do so by adding additional friction into the user journey. This necessitates new customers performing additional actions such as completing email validation, or strict rules are applied around data reuse. These methods are unpopular with customers and can be bypassed by most sophisticated bots.

  • How to successfully detect and stop fake account creation

    Accurately detecting fake account creation requires a specialist, dedicated bot management tool. Netacea Bot Management provides industry-leading levels of detection accuracy for fake account creation and ensures that any website, mobile app or API can be effectively protected from the impact of attacks.

    Netacea enables you to stop this activity at source by detecting fake account creation attacks as they happen, no matter how distributed or ‘low and slow’.

    Netacea has created specific detection techniques that monitors all site visits to the registration pages and analyses them in context relative to each of the visitors on the site. Acquiring an understanding of what normal behavior looks like, relative to that unique business, allows us to establish what a typical account creation journey should look like and detect bots trying to automate this process. This allows Netacea to detect known bad actors and attack patterns.

    All risk to your customers’ security and privacy is removed with Netacea’s unique JavaScript-less approach to bot detection. Disruption is minimized and there is zero requirement for mobile SDKs or browser/device fingerprinting.

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