Maximize the Value of Akamai Bot Manager with Netacea

Combine Netacea with Akamai and boost bot detection by over 220%. Add a layer of defense against bot threats not stopped by Akamai’s built-in bot management tool.

  • Easy Deployment and Maintenance
  • More Accurate Attack Detection
  • Dedicated Support


netacea vs akamai graph

Block 22 Times More Bots than Akamai Alone

Netacea detects significantly more malicious activity than Akamai Bot Manager in isolation. We detected an additional 66 million scalper bots on a fashion retail website using Akamai’s bundled bot solution.

Enhance your Bot Protection with Netacea

Easy Deployment & Maintenance

Akamai Bot Manager requires paid professional services to manage. Netacea’s server-side detection is quick to integrate with Akamai’s platform, updates automatically and requires zero maintenance.

More Accurate Attack Detection

Although Akamai can trace general attacks targeting the wider web, Netacea detects more targeted and sophisticated bot threats, revealing as much as 22 times more malicious bots.

Dedicated Support

Netacea’s bot experts are on hand 24/7, with a named Customer Success team member at your disposal as standard.

Netacea vs Akamai

Detection Methods
Netacea uses machine learning to identify the intent of every request in parallel, grouping malicious traffic together to block the whole attack.
Client-side agents used by Akamai detect isolated attacker fingerprints, which can be spoofed, using preset rules that need continual updates to be effective.
Detection powered by machine learning that adapts to specific use cases and threats targeting each customer site individually.
Akamai provides protection against broad bot attacks that loosely target wide areas of the web.
Real Time Mitigation
Netacea combines known attack patterns with our patented AI technology to proactively block malicious bots before they cause harm.
Akamai’s bot protection is largely reactive to attacks after they have impacted the business, with rules needing to be updated to block new attacks in case they strike again.
Deployment Process
Simple, single integration with existing services (e.g. CDN, cloud, API) across web, mobile & API that can be deployed in a matter of hours.
Akamai’s JavaScript and SDKs need to be tested separately on every platform by multiple teams before they are deployed, which can take months, with no ability to protect APIs.
Netacea is deployed at the edge, adding no extra code or weight to pages or applications whilst adding minimal latency for recommendations.
Akamai’s JavaScript and SDKs add weight and latency to web pages and mobile apps, which matters to marketing teams because these affect engagement and conversions.
Robustness Against Bypass
Server-side is invisible and can’t be bypassed – We have never found evidence of being detected.
Akamai integrates via JavaScript, which can be de-obfuscated, allowing adversaries to bypass detection.
Maintenance & Updates
With no touch maintenance, you never have to do anything to get the latest Netacea features and machine learning recommendations.
Akamai’s JavaScript and SDKs must be manually updated to stay protected, and complex rules updated by logging into the portal or paying for professional services.
Fully Inclusive Support
Netacea delivers enterprise-level support 24/7/365 as standard with a dedicated Customer Success contact and access to threat research included.
Akamai customers often have to pay for professional services to update complex blocking rules, with no threat research available.
Reporting on Attack Types
Netacea can drill down into different attack types, giving full visibility of how adversaries are attacking.
Akamai is unable to provide information on different attack types, impacting the ability to learn from deeper insights.
CAPTCHA Reporting
Netacea offers the ability to use CAPTCHA to collect additional behavioral signals from suspected bot traffic and enhance accuracy, with full reporting.
Akamai does not support any use of CAPTCHA.
Industry Recognition
Netacea was ranked #1 for bot detection and threat research in the latest Forrester Wave.
Akamai was a Leader in the latest Forrester Wave, but ranked below Netacea for bot detection and threat research.
Bot Expertise
Netacea’s customer success team has specific expertise in bot attack mitigation and is dedicated to understanding the impact on your business.
Akamai has general support, but no dedicated response team for bot specific issues – Complex bot blocking rule sets often require costly professional services to update.
Bot Database
Over 17 million attack sources automatically blocked, covering over 650 million individual bots.
Directory of over 1,700 known bots.
One single cost to cover all attack surfaces, with dedicated support included upfront, making costs east to predict and manage.
Bundled with Akamai CDN for low up-front cost, but ongoing hidden professional services costs for maintenance of the platform add up and are hard to forecast.

Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

Demo Netacea and see how our bot protection software autonomously prevents the most sophisticated and dynamic automated attacks across websites, apps and APIs.
  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
  • Automated, trusted defensive AI. Real-time detection and response
  • Invisible to attackers. Operates at the edge, deters persistent threats
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