Netacea vs Kasada

Kasada’s reliance on client signal collection makes it susceptible to performance issues, anti-bot bypasses and less accurate detection. Netacea’s server-side solution is deployed at the edge, minimizing latency, widening visibility and eradicating workarounds.

  • Undetectable by attackers
  • Industry-leading bot detection
  • Cutting-edge threat research


Get Robust Bot Protection with Netacea

Invisible to Attackers

Kasada exposes its detection code to attackers, who develop bypasses that Kasada must constantly patch. Netacea analyses server signals, exposing no opportunity for attackers to bypass.

Best Bot Detection

Kasada ranked low on the Forrester Wave for Bot Management, scoring 2/5 in Bot Detection capability. Netacea was categorized as a “Strong Performer”, outscoring all other vendors for Bot Detection with a mark of 4.6/5.

Trailblazing Threat Research

Kasada’s threat research is described as a weakness by their clients. Netacea’s threat research team set the standard for bot attack knowledge by developing the BLADE Framework®, and feeds exclusive insights into our detection engine.

Compare Netacea and Kasada

Detection Methods
Netacea uses machine learning to identify the intent of every request in parallel, grouping malicious traffic together to block the whole attack.
Kasada ignores historical attack data in favor of combining client signal analysis with server-side anomaly detection.
Robustness Against Bypass
Our server-side technology is invisible to adversaries and impossible to bypass – We have never found evidence of being detected.
Kasada’s SDKs are exposed to adversaries, who de-obfuscate detection signals and bypass bot protection, forcing Kasada to constantly change their code.
UX Impact
Netacea delivers highly accurate mitigations through analysing server signals, adding no latency or UX impact to customer journeys.
Kasada’s client-side proof-of-work challenges add cost to bot attacks, but risk harming UX on old hardware, are environmentally unfriendly, and can be bypassed.
Deployment Process
Simple, single integration with existing services (e.g. CDN, cloud, API) across web, mobile & API that can be deployed in a matter of hours.
Alongside server-side implementation, Kasada uses client-side SDKs that require complex integration into application codebases.
Netacea is deployed at the edge, adding no extra code or weight to pages or applications whilst adding minimal latency for recommendations.
Kasada’s SDKs add weight and latency to apps and are prone to performance issues, which affect customer engagement and conversions.
Customized Reporting
Netacea’s portal can drill down into different attack types, giving full visibility of how adversaries are attacking.
Standard reports sent via email, while customized reports are only available via engaging with customer support.
Dedicated Support
Every Netacea customer gets a dedicated Customer Success contact to support them every day, and feed suggestions into the product roadmap.
No public information available on Kasada’s support options.
Industry Recognition
Netacea was positioned as a “Strong Performer” in the latest Forrester Wave, scoring the highest of any vendor for Bot Detection (4.6/5).
Kasada was positioned in the “Contenders” category of the latest Forrester Wave, scoring 2/5 in the Bot Detection criterion.
Bot Expertise
Netacea’s customer success team has specific expertise in bot attack mitigation and is dedicated to understanding the impact on your business.
In the lastest Forrester Wave, reference customers told analysts that Kasada’s threat research function was “not a strong suit”.

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  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
  • Automated, trusted defensive AI. Real-time detection and response
  • Invisible to attackers. Operates at the edge, deters persistent threats
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