RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit

Tuesday, September 20th 2022 09:00 GMT / 10:00 CET

About this event

RH-ISAC is a Retail and Hospitality focused cyber intelligence community. The annual Cyber Intelligence Summit brings together professionals from across the retail, hospitality and travel industries for two days of inspiring keynotes, engaging breakout sessions, and exciting networking opportunities.

Netacea is a proud sponsor of the RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit and our team can't wait to deliver a cutting-edge presentation, as well as meet with some of the best minds in cyber security to discuss malicious bots and their impact on businesses and their customers.

Meet our speakers

  • Matthew Gracey-McMinn , Head of Threat Research

    Matthew Gracey-McMinn is an experienced Cyber Threat Intelligence professional with an MPhil from the University of Oxford. In his current role at Netacea, he researches and investigates the impact of malicious bots on online businesses and their customers, having previously worked with the world's largest companies responding to global cybersecurity incidents.

  • Cyril Noel-Tagoe, Principal Security Researcher

    Cyril Noel-Tagoe is an experienced Information Security professional. He recently joined Netacea's Threat Research team, where he spends his time researching, speaking and writing about malicious bots and other cybersecurity topics. He comes from a consulting background, having advised financial services organizations on a range of technical and non-technical cyber security domains in a previous life.


  • 2:15 pm-3:00 pm - Refund Fraud as a Service: The Other RAAS Threat For Retailers

    Last December, a man pleaded guilty to defrauding a retailer for more than $300,000 by performing refund fraud over a series of three years. With the cybercrime underground’s continued shift to a service-driven economy, interested parties can outsource the process of refund fraud to groups of professional social engineers offering refund-as-a-service.

    Refund-as-a-service poses a significant challenge to retailers. Matt and Cyril's Breakout Session will cover:

    • The current structure of the underground refund-as-a-service market
    • The changing tactics and methods used by adversarial groups to perform refund fraud
    • How threat intelligence and fraud teams can work collaboratively to effectively combat refund fraud