Fake Account Detection at Scale

Stop fake account fraud with autonomous, enterprise-grade bot protection.

Fake account creation

How Does Fake Account Creation Impact You?

Policy Abuse

Fake accounts breach policies such as “one per customer” purchases, raffle entries and welcome bonuses – draining value at scale.


Centrally controlled stolen accounts are used to disseminate malware, spread disinformation and launch automated attacks.

Metrics are Impacted

Fake accounts skew business analytics and poison future strategies.

Fraudulent Accounts Corrode Value

Suffering an average 3% fake account creation rate, companies are defrauded at scale by bots bulk-reselling stolen offers and services.

Netacea investigates every account creation event, intelligently detecting automated actions and autonomously blocking malicious account creations.

Stop Fake Account Creation with Netacea

The Netacea platform effortlessly stops sophisticated bot attacks on registration pages at scale using trusted defensive AI and specialized threat intelligence.

  1. Effortlessly protect all points of account registration across web, mobile and APIs, with zero agents.
  2. Stop attacks using industry leading defensive AI which detects the chain of events preceding fake account creation.
  3. Identify known fake account creation bots with specialist threat intelligence and monitor 3,000+ dark web communities for criminal activity.

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See how you can visualize and analyze fake account creation attacks in realtime on your website, apps and APIs.

Why Brands Choose Netacea to Stop Fake Account Creation

Agentless Integration

Inspect all web, API and mobile traffic with fake account creation protection that doesn't require agents or fragmented solutions.
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Intent Detection Engine

Proactive AI detection trained to identify and prevent the chain of behaviors preceding automated fake account creation.
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Active Attack Insights

Stay ahead of fake account creation bots with data-led capabilities founded on tailored threat feeds and human intelligence.
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Fake account creation

Defensive AI with Real Time Fake Account Creation Detection

Netacea’s defensive AI constantly updates and adapts itself to deliver the most accurate and trusted bot detection without the need for manual rule changes.


Fast and Easy to Deploy Integrations

Attackers exploit what they can see. Netacea’s agentless protection is invisible to attackers, so they won’t know what’s blocking them, making you a more expensive target.

Fake account creation

Specialist Bot Intelligence to Uncover Fake Account Creation Attacks Before They Happen

Netacea Threat Intelligence monitors the dark web and thousands of other sources for evidence of fake accounts for sale, continually honing our protection.

Explore Fake Account Creation Resources

Case Study

Netacea Protects a Stock Photography Website Against Credential Stuffing and Fake Account Creation

User accounts on a stock photo website were being compromised by credential stuffing bot attacks, exposing customers and contributors to asset and credit theft.
Why Fake Accounts are Used in an Account Takeover Attack

Why Fake Accounts are Used in an Account Takeover Attack

Fake accounts are much more sinister than they look and can also be viewed as a pre-emptive warning of an imminent account takeover (ATO) attack.
S02 E07

Validating AI Value, Securing Supply Chains, Fake Account Creation

In this episode, hosts discuss AI validation, ways to secure the supply chain, fake account creation with guest speakers from Netacea, Cytix and Risk Ledger.

Stop Account Fake Account Creation.

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