Improve Response With Specialized Bot Threat Feeds

Enhance bot detection with dedicated feeds for SIEM, SOAR, WAF, CDN, XDR and threat intelligence engines.

Bot Threat Feed


of requests analyzed daily


bot communities tracked


maintenance integration

Get Instant Protection from Bot Attacks


Slash mean time to detect with a bot blacklist derived from protecting the world’s largest brands


Updated with the latest attack sources to protect your brand from emerging threats


Aggregate protection across web, APIs and mobile

Keep Pace with Bot Attacks Using a Lightweight, Reliable Threat Feed

Bot attacks are opportunistic, striking any network in the hopes of gaining quick and easy value. Blacklists and filters are often static, outdated and generic, offering no protection from the latest attack sources. Bot management solutions can be time-consuming to deploy and tune. Netacea Bot Threat Feeds offer your business immediate bot blocking capabilities powered by our AI-driven bot protection solution.

  1. Block with Confidence

    Blocking automated attacks is a risk, as catching genuine customers in the crossfire causes frustration and wasted resource to fix. Netacea has a proven 0.001% false positive rate against novel attack sources.
  2. Integrate Easily with Zero Maintenance

    Bots attack continuously. Meanwhile, traditional solutions take time to embed into your ecosystem. Netacea Bot Threat Feeds require no access to your data – Simply plug our auto-updating feed into your platform and block malicious traffic proactively.
  3. Protect Against the Latest Threats

    Bots are constantly evolving, finding new attack sources to hide their malicious activities from detection. Outdated filters can’t keep up, but Netacea Bot Threat Feed adds over half a million new attack sources to your defenses daily.
750m – 1bn USD

“Incredibly effective out of the box. Without us needing to do anything, we are able to block huge attacks that would otherwise take huge resource to mitigate.”

CISO Streaming

The Industry’s Most Up To Date Bot Attack Data at Your Fingertips

Stop the most dangerous bots before they can touch your network.

  1. Full Attack Surface Coverage

    Consolidated threat feeds covering websites, mobile apps and APIs.
  2. Industry-Leading Bot Detection

    Powered by AI-driven bot protection technology, analyzing billions of web requests every minute.
  3. Total Flexibility

    Integrates into SIEM, SOAR and XDR tools.
  4. Rapid Detection Enhancements at Scale

    Deploy threat feeds at a CDN level to rapidly improve bot management at huge scale.

How Netacea Bot Threat Feeds Protect You From Automated Bot Attacks

Netacea Bot Threat Feeds are large dynamic datasets of known malicious traffic sources, collected across the billions of requests Netacea’s AI bot protection solution analyzes daily across our entire customer network. With one simple integration, we supply an up-to-date feed of the latest malicious traffic sources so you can proactively protect any and every part of your network from attack.

Netacea Bot Threat Feed

Bot Protection Use Cases We Solve:

Account Takeover

Identify and stop malicious actors from seizing control of customer accounts.
Stop Account Takeover Attacks

Carding Fraud

Detect and block automated card cracking, carding and enumeration attacks.
Stop Carding Attacks

Credential Stuffing

Stop attackers from brute forcing their way into your customers’ accounts.
Stop Credential Stuffing Attacks

Fake Account Creation

Halt attempts to create masses of accounts, causing damage to your business.
Stop Fake Account Creation

Loyalty Point Fraud

Prevent exploitation of new account bonuses and fake account creation.
Stop Loyalty Point Fraud

Scalper Bots

Maintain the integrity of online sales and ensure goods go to real customers.
Stop Scalper Bot Attacks


Prevent bots from bypassing anti-bot defenses such as CAPTCHA challenges.
Stop CAPTCHA Bypass

Web Scraping

Identify and stop web scrapers that compromise your website.
Stop Web Scraping

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See How We Can Enhance Your Bot Protection Efforts With Dedicated Threat Feeds

Learn how Netacea helps SOC and threat teams stay a step ahead of automated attacks with dedicated feeds and threat intelligence engines.
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  • Our experts will listen to your specific challenges, and security objectives
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