API Security Solutions for Expanding Threat Surfaces

Netacea protects enterprises from API security threats to prevent data loss, theft, and fraud, eliminating harmful impacts such as downtime, reputation damage, API misuse and high infrastructure costs.

API security

Reduce Exposure to API Security Risks

Rapid adoption of APIs has made them a top target for attackers and subject to business logic abuse, creating key challenges for InfoSec and fraud prevention teams.
Challenge 1

Exposure of Sensitive Data

More APIs means a larger attack surface is exposed to scraping, scalping and card fraud.
Challenge 2

API Deployment Errors

Coding errors or mismanaged API deployments create exploitable opportunities for attackers.
Challenge 3

Slow Threat Response

Limited client-side protection and traffic visibility results in missed attacks and long threat dwell times.

Native API Protection Against Sophisticated Bot Attacks

Netacea Bot Protection fully protects your APIs by detecting and preventing API security risks natively in real time, with a 0.001% false positive rate. A single agentless, passive, inline deployment means no need for JavaScript or SDKs. Netacea’s trusted defensive AI uses ML based intent detection technology to analyse all API and web application requests to protect your APIs from a range of OWASP API security and automated API attacks, ensuring your business and customer operations are never negatively impacted.

500 – 750m USD

“Amazing bot protection and mitigation capabilities with very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team.”

Head of Information Security Retail
API security

Continuous Defensive AI. Analyze Intent Traffic, Prevent Sophisticated API Abuse.

A powerful agentless edge integration capable of analyzing surging volumes of API requests with ease.

API security

Automated Defense. Mitigate Attacks in Real Time.

Distinguish malicious from legitimate machine-to-machine traffic with advanced AI trained on hundreds of billions of web requests weekly.

API security

Visualized API Threat Intelligence and Support.

Inform security strategy with real-time API traffic data plus specialist support to better understand attacks targeting APIs.

API security

Deploy at the Edge Alongside Your Existing Infrastructure.

Pre-built plug-ins work out of the box with your existing CDN or WAF, simplifying deployment and protecting your full suite of APIs sooner.

How Netacea Enhances Web API Security

API security management without the complexity, cost and trade-offs others would have you accept.

Proactive API Security

Server-side updates and security powered by defensive AI ensures your entire API threat surface is protected from API security threats in real time.

Operations Cost Reductions

No code, multiple deployments or manual incident response handling significantly reduces infrastructure and human IT resource costs.

Enhanced API Security Monitoring

Visualize traffic intent, enhance SOC intelligence and accelerate incident response to automated attacks across APIs.

How Netacea Reduced API Abuse by 84% For Big Box US Retailer

Read our case study exploring how Netacea Bot Protection helped stop and prevent API security attacks for one of the world’s largest retailers.

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API Security Solutions from Netacea

Netacea Bot Protection

Powerful AI-driven bot protection for automated real time API endpoint security.
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Netacea Bot Threat Feeds

Enhance bot detection with dedicated feeds for SIEM, SOAR, WAF, CDN, XDR and threat intelligence engines.
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See How Netacea Can Protect Your APIs from Automated Attacks

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