Advanced Bot Protection for Mobile Apps

Netacea has revolutionized mobile app bot protection by removing the need to deploy cumbersome SDKs. Stop 33x more bots across all devices with a single integration that requires zero maintenance.

Mobile apps

Protect Mobile Applications from Sophisticated Bot Attacks

Mobile apps are a popular attack vector for bots, creating risk by giving attackers access to product screens, checkout processes, login forms and account management. Current controls are complex to deploy, impractical to update and ineffective against the pace of new threats.
Challenge 1

SDKs Add Complexity

Legacy bot management SDKs add weight and complexity, and are visible to attackers who can bypass detection.
Challenge 2

Unpatched Apps Create Risk

Automated attacks exploit old app versions, yet forcing users to constantly update ruins engagement.
Challenge 3

Bots Outpace Security Updates

Mobile app update cycles mean defenses fail to keep up with new bot threats as they rapidly evolve.

Every App Version Protected Without Needing an SDK

Legacy bot management solutions require you to install an SDK within your mobile app, yet this process introduces complexity to development cycles and can be exploited by attackers. Netacea natively detects bots in mobile applications with no need for SDKs, simply using the same integration that protects your websites and APIs, whilst delivering the same highly accurate autonomous bot protection.

500 – 750m USD

“Amazing bot protection and mitigation capabilities with very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team.”

Head of Information Security Retail
Bot protection for mobile apps

Autonomous, Reactive Defensive AI

No team can keep pace with evolving bot threats manually. Netacea’s defensive AI platform analyzed billions of requests to stop novel attacks automatically, in real time, with 0.001% false positives.

Bot protection for mobile apps

One Deployment, All Apps Protected

Deploy the same advanced bot protection across all mobile app versions at once, seamlessly from the edge. See all attacks in one unified view within the Netacea portal. Mitigate threats automatically.

Bot protection for mobile apps

Reduce Operational Costs

Significantly reduce your infrastructure and resource costs by removing the need to maintain SDKs and bot blocking rules across multiple apps.

Bot protection for mobile apps

Enrich Defenses with Insider Intel

Netacea feeds specialist bot intelligence from thousands of attacker communities into your SOC and our machine learning models to power defensive strategies.

How Netacea Protects Mobile Apps from Bots

Mobile app security simplified to support every device and application version automatically.

No SDKs, Simplified Deployment

Netacea is deployed at the edge, meaning no SDKs needed to defend all mobile apps from bot traffic.

Robust, Frictionless Security

Bots can’t exploit old versions, and there’s no need to pester your users to update for the latest protection.

Auto-Updating Protection

Every version of your app across every device is protected against the latest bot threats at all times.

Mobile App Security Solutions from Netacea

Netacea Bot Protection

Powerful AI-driven bot protection for automated real time mobile app security.
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Netacea Bot Threat Feeds

Enhance bot detection with dedicated feeds for SIEM, SOAR, WAF, CDN, XDR and threat intelligence engines.
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See How Netacea Can Protect Your Mobile Apps From Automated Attacks

Discover how Netacea helps Enterprise brands effortlessly protect Mobile Applications from automated attacks. What to expect:
  • 1-1 time with a dedicated bot expert
  • Discussion around attacks you are facing
  • A personalized Netacea demo based on your needs & requirements