Keep Bots Out of Telecoms Customer Accounts

Use a single integration to stop automated attacks on websites, APIs and mobile apps accessing valuable customer accounts.

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Top Telco Threats Stopped Before They Impact Customers

Agentless Integration

Achieve zero latency analysis of threats across web, mobile and APIs with a single, agentless integration doing the work of numerous legacy solutions.

Malicious Intent Detection Engine

Powerful AI continually enriched by large datasets stops bots prior to execution. 33x better performance than competitors. Negligible false positive rates.

Active Attack Insights

Track, triage and mitigate automated attacks in real time with granular data to protect high-profile online events. Prevent attacks in advance with specialist threat intelligence.

Failing to Stop Evasive Bot Techniques at Scale, Legacy Controls Leave Telecoms Customers Exposed

Heavily targeted by bots, telecoms account fraud is rife. Overwhelmed by attacks of increasing volume, breadth and sophistication, existing countermeasures fail at scale, leading to fraud, brand damage and financial loss.

  1. API Endpoints are Vulnerable

    With web and mobile devices used to manage services, account login APIs are vulnerable to bot attacks, which traditional defenses can’t natively protect against.
  2. Accounts Routinely Sold on the Dark Web

    There is a thriving market for stolen streaming accounts on the dark web, incentivizing attackers to steal bundled services from telecommunications providers.
  3. Stolen Accounts Frustrate Customers

    Credential stuffing is a cheap and easy attack, leading to lost accounts. Affected customers require costly one-to-one support to return rightful account access.

Top 3 Telecoms Provider Saves £1 Million by Preventing Account Theft

A top 3 telecommunications company’s customer accounts and bundled streaming services were targeted by criminals for resale on the dark web. Thanks to Netacea, the client’s customers are now protected against account theft. This removes disruption to their services and allows the client to focus on their goal of improving the lives of their customers.

Tackle Automated Threats Your Telecoms Business Faces Every Day

Account Takeover

Stop malicious actors from seizing control of customer accounts.
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Credential Stuffing

Stop attackers from brute forcing their way into your customers’ accounts.
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Web Scraping

Identify and stop web scrapers that compromise your website.
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Fake Account Creation

Halt attempts to create masses of accounts, damaging your business.
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A top 3 telecommunications company’s customer accounts and bundled streaming services were targeted by criminals for resale on the dark web.
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Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

Demo Netacea and see how our bot protection software autonomously prevents the most sophisticated and dynamic automated attacks across websites, apps and APIs.
  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
  • Automated, trusted defensive AI. Real-time detection and response
  • Invisible to attackers. Operates at the edge, deters persistent threats
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