High-volume Credential Stuffing Prevention

Prevent credential stuffing attacks hiding in massive web, API and mobile traffic datasets.

Credential stuffing

How Does Credential Stuffing Impact Your Business?

Security Resources Drained

Cheap and easy to automate at scale, security teams are continually stretched.

Infrastructure Cost

Massive volumes of requests are used to overcome low success rates – driving hidden infrastructure spend.

Damage to Revenue and Reputation

Customers churn, help desk costs rise, fraud and theft occurs and regulators demand action.

Identities Abused at Scale

The average online business loses more than 10% of revenues by failing to prevent credential stuffing.

Credential Stuffing Protection with Netacea

The Netacea platform effortlessly stops sophisticated bot attacks at scale using trusted defensive AI and specialized threat intelligence.

  1. Effortlessly protect every login endpoint across websites, mobile apps, APIs and even consoles and IoT devices.
  2. Stop previously unseen attacks using techniques such as human emulation and smokescreening with specialist AI.
  3. Identify credential stuffing bots with specialist threat intelligence and monitor 3,000+ attacker communities for configurations targeting your business.

Take a tour of Netacea’s Credential Stuffing Protection Software

See how you can visualize and analyze Credential Stuffing attacks in realtime on your website, apps and APIs.

Why Brands Choose Netacea to Stop Credential Stuffing

Agentless Integration

Prevent credential stuffing with simple to manage and deploy traffic analysis of bot attacks across websites, APIs and mobile apps.
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Intent Detection Engine

AI detecting markers of bot attack behaviors, such as human emulation and smokescreening, for credential stuffing protection one step ahead of the kill chain.
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Active Attack Insights

Track, triage and mitigate credential stuffing attacks with specialist threat feeds and data visualizations built for Security Operations Centers.
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Credential stuffing

Defensive AI, with Real Time Credential Stuffing Detection

Netacea’s defensive AI constantly updates and adapts itself to deliver the most accurate and trusted bot detection without the need for manual rule changes.


Fast and Easy to Deploy Integrations

Attackers exploit what they can see. Netacea’s agentless protection is invisible to attackers, so they won’t know what’s blocking them, making you a more expensive target.

Credential stuffing

Specialist Bot Intelligence to Uncover Credential Stuffing Attacks Before They Happen

Netacea Threat Intelligence conducts constant surveillance on over 3,000 criminal communities for the latest credential lists, tool configurations and cracked accounts so our defenses stay one step ahead.

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See How Netacea Prevents Credential Stuffing Attacks

Book a call with our team to discover how Netacea helps enterprise brands detect and stop credential stuffing attacks. What to expect:
  • Discussion with our bot experts focused on your security objectives
  • Learn how Netacea’s unique approach helps enterprises prevent online fraud & protect customers.
  • A personalized Netacea demo based on your needs & requirements