Dissecting a Malicious Bot Attack

Thursday, July 21st 2022 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET

About this event

Malicious bot attacks are becoming more frequent and high profile, with a slew of scalper bot attacks hitting the headlines since 2020, as attackers target in-demand items such as the PlayStation 5 and even Covid-19 vaccine appointments.

According to Netacea’s recent survey, 46% of enterprise organizations experienced an account takeover attack in 2020. 58% of these businesses stated that the attacks had a known financial impact.

Join Matthew Gracey-McMinn and Cyril Noel-Tagoe from Netacea’s Threat Research team for a deep dive into how credential stuffing techniques lead to mass account takeover on some of the world’s busiest websites, mobile apps and APIs.

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Meet our speakers

  • Matthew Gracey-McMinn, Head of Threat Research at Netacea

    Matthew is an experienced Cyber Threat Intelligence professional with an MPhil from the University of Oxford. In his current role at Netacea, he researches and investigates the impact of malicious bots on online businesses and their customers.

  • Cyril Noel-Tago, Principal Security Researcher at Netacea

    Cyril spends his time researching, speaking, and writing about malicious automated threats and other cyber security topics. He comes from a security consulting background, having advised financial services organizations on a range of technical and non-technical cyber security domains in a previous life.

  • Yasmin Duggal, Cybersecurity Content Specialist at Netacea

    Yasmin Duggal is a technical writer at Netacea specializing in cybersecurity. In her current role in the marketing team, she works closely with the Threat Research team to produce detailed yet accessible content on the latest trends within bot management and the wider cybersecurity landscape. In her previous position at a cloud hosting company, she gained experience working with professionals from across the tech industry.


  • In this webinar, we discuss:

    • The scale of the account takeover attack problem, zoning in on credential stuffing and how these attacks are executed, with a live demonstration using real attacker tools
    • The makeup of attacker tooling, explaining how they bypass defenses and how they maximize the efficiency of their attacks
    • The impact on various sectors, including retail, telecommunications and financial services