Netacea POC Process

Experience the simplicity and value of Netacea with an in-depth trial. Learn how agentless Bot Management and defensive AI can mitigate real attacks in your environment and access detailed reporting from our experts and exclusive threat research.


Choose the Right POC to Fit Your Business

Choose from two types of bot audit

Offline Bot Audit

See the power of Intent Analytics™ applied to your historical web log data.
  • You ship server logs to our S3 bucket
  • We run simulated bot detection and mitigations
  • You discover how much malicious traffic Netacea would stop
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Inline POC

Run a full trial of Active Bot Protection on your live web traffic. Seamlessly integrated to demonstrate the full solution.
  • You integrate with Netacea via a no-code, pre-built connection
  • We train our bot detection models on your live web traffic
  • We detect and block malicious traffic on your platform
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Offline Bot Audit vs. Inline POC

Find the right approach to suit your business goals
Data collection method
How we collect web log data needed to make bot mitigation recommendations.
Web log shipping to our S3 bucket
Direct integration with CDN, API etc. (see integration options)
Discovery calls
Netacea works closely with your team to define the scope and success criteria.
Named Solution Engineering representative
On hand to answer any questions you may have.
Reports presented by Data team
Presented via video call throughout the POC.
Live threat mitigation
Real time mitigation of attacks detected during POC.
Simulates mitigations on historical data
Hard block or custom CAPTCHA page
Bespoke bot detection tuning
Detection models tuned to enhance accuracy.
Threat summary
Report on threat types actively targeting your business.
Automated threat intel monitoring
External data on attacks targeting your business automatically gathered.
Ready to launch full product at completion
Transition directly from POC to production.
Integration required after audit

Netacea POC Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Should we choose an Offline Bot Audit or Inline POC?

    An Offline Bot Audit is the easiest way to validate how much malicious traffic Netacea would block, simply requiring web server logs. An Inline POC requires integration but can block live bot attacks, quickly proving business value whilst offering tailored detection models for more accurate results.

  • Do we need to integrate with Netacea to run an Offline Bot Audit?

    No. Simply export your server logs and ship them to our S3 bucket (we can help with this). We then simulate bot detection and mitigation on this historical dataset. We suggest sending data covering a month’s worth of logs. See our minimum dataset for more details.

  • Can we run an Offline Bot Audit or Inline POC alongside my existing solutions?

    We don’t interfere with any other solutions you have in place. Directly compare detection capabilities by passing traffic from existing solutions to Netacea.

  • Do we need to install any code to run an Inline POC?

    No. As with our full solution, our Inline POC doesn’t use any client-side code, JavaScript or SDKs. We use pre-built connections to all major CDNs and eCommerce platforms, or via API.

  • Is there any risk in integrating with Netacea Bot Management for a POC?

    No, we have a 99.999% availability SLA and operate a “fail-open” architecture. In the event of failure, our solution simply falls “out of line” and your systems continue as normal.

  • What is in the reports and how are they delivered?

    Our Data team will deliver findings via a weekly video call. You’ll get an overview of all the traffic we monitored, how much malicious automation we found, what it was doing, where it originated and the potential impact on your business.

  • What is in the Threat Summary?

    The Threat Summary is compiled by our Threat Research team and shows which bot threats are actively targeting your business and which automated threats are technically feasible on your platform. We add your business to our automated threat intelligence alert system monitoring over 3,000 private bot discussion groups and forums.

  • What happens at the end of the Audit or POC?

    You can go directly from an Inline POC to using the full product without further integration. Offline Bot Audits require integration via one of our pre-built CDN or API connectors to either move into an Inline POC, or launch the full product.

  • Can we test a CAPTCHA page as part of the Inline POC?

    Yes, we will work with you to produce and implement a custom branded CAPTCHA page if you wish to test CAPTCHA based mitigation. This is optional and you can choose the type of mitigation you use (block, CAPTCHA etc.).

Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

Demo Netacea and see how our bot protection software autonomously prevents the most sophisticated and dynamic automated attacks across websites, apps and APIs.
  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
  • Automated, trusted defensive AI. Real-time detection and response
  • Invisible to attackers. Operates at the edge, deters persistent threats
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