One Platform. Three Powerful Capabilities. More Bots Stopped.

Defend websites, APIs and mobile apps from evasive automated attacks with a lightweight platform purpose-built to perform at scale.

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Effortless. Trusted. Specialized.

Protecting the world’s largest online businesses means automated threat detection on vast traffic flows without customer impact. Netacea achieves 33x better performance with advances in agentless edge computing, AI detection and specialist threat intelligence.

Agentless Integration

Achieve total visibility of massive visitor datasets across web, mobile and APIs with a single simple agentless integration.
  • Low Latency High Throughput

    Powerful edge computed threat analysis which doesn’t impact customer experience.
  • Self Managing Architecture

    A lightweight integration, requires no manual updates to stay ahead of threats
  • Invisible Server Side Deployment

    No code for attackers to reverse engineer or bypass, fails open

Intent Detection Engine

Stop bots prior to execution with powerful defensive AI continually enriched by large datasets. 33x more bots detected than competitors.
  • Truly Autonomous Response

    Trusted by SOC teams with a false positive rate of just 0.001%.
  • Large Threat Modelling

    Trained on hundreds of billions of weekly requests to detect markers of adversarial intent.
  • Centralized Capability

    One pane of glass, consolidating multiple legacy solutions.

Active Attack Insights

Protect high-profile events and products using real time data and dark web intelligence. Build long-term strategies with attack surface intelligence.
  • Granular Real-time Analytics

    Visualize attack paths, perform forensics and uncover
anomalies in a single dashboard.
  • Low Latency SOC Integration

    Feed intelligence directly into SIEM, SOAR and XDR platforms with sub-second latency.
  • Targeted Threat Research

    Surface collected insights from thousands of bot communities and sources with bespoke tools.

How Netacea Works

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Combat Evasive Threats with Defensive AI that Thrives at Scale

Legacy controls lack consolidated visibility of the traffic concealing bot attacks on websites, applications and APIs. Multiple agents are complex to manage , slow to reach and eventually bypassed. Starved of a full dataset, AI detection models fail at scale, either forcing security teams to monitor manually or catching real users in the crossfire.

Single Integration

Natively plugs into technologies you already use, including all major CDNs, WAFs and load balancers. One deployment delivers protection from day one.

Multi Layer Detection

Combines patented machine learning models, past attack data and threat intelligence to deliver trusted protection across every endpoint.

High Throughput, Scalable

Analyses billions of requests per second. Ensures the busiest and most complex attack surfaces are reliably secured in real time.

Fails Open

Maintain business continuity. Introduces no dependencies on site reliability. Ensures failures never block at legitimate traffic.

Frictionless for Customers

Ultra low latency. Block bots, not humans with an industry low 0.001% false positive rate.

SOC2 Type Compliant

Enterprise certifications ensure highest levels of compliance standards and data security.

Application and Web Security Solutions from Netacea

Netacea Bot Protection

Agentless bot management software. Unified, real-time AI-driven detection and response for web, app and API.
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Netacea Bot Threat Feeds

Actionable threat feeds to strengthen pre-attack intelligence, or harden your protection against known attackers.
Learn more

Netacea Threat Intelligence Service

Comprehensive threat assessment suite and reporting. Enhance threat modelling to combat digital threats.
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Trusted by Security and Fraud Teams at the World’s Largest Enterprise Organizations

Protecting more than 100 billion transactions, every week, at Fortune 500 and FTSE100 companies
Global fashion retailer detects 22x more bots using Netacea compared to Akamai Bot Manager
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International education platform detects 33x more bots using Netacea compared to HUMAN
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Travel booking website blocks 15x more bots using Netacea than F5 (Shape Security)
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Recognized Bot Management Leader

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Bot Management Wave 2022

  • Top scorer for bot protection
  • Top scorer for threat research

Recognized Application Security Vendor

  • Named sample vendor for bot management in the 2023 Hype Cycle for Application Security

Built to Integrate with
Infrastructure and Security

Never deploy agents again. Discover how our server-side approach allows for a swift and cost effective integration. A single deployment to cover web, app and API, using the tech you already have.
Netacea Bot Protection Supported Plugins.

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See How Our Technology Can Solve Your Bot Problem

Book a demo with our team to discover how Netacea helps enterprise brands detect and prevent automated attacks effortless at scale. What you can expect:
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  • Learn how Netacea’s unique approach helps enterprises prevent online fraud & protect customers.
  • A personalized Netacea demo based on your needs & requirements