Prevent Automated API Attacks

Stop the rising tide of automated API attacks with defensive AI built for scale and complexity.

API Attacks

How do API Attacks Impact Your Business?

Difficult to Defend

Fragmentation of APIs increases data exposure across the attack surface.

Ideal for Automated Attacks

Suited to scraping machine-readable data, bot attacks are easy and effective to launch against APIs.

Traditional Controls Lag

Updating client-side API protection is manual and time consuming.

More Bots Than Ever Now Bypass API Controls

Automated attacks increasingly defeat WAFs and API gateways to abuse data and target infrastructure and inventories.

Stop Automated API Attacks with Netacea

The Netacea platform effortlessly stops sophisticated bot attacks at scale using trusted defensive AI and specialized threat intelligence.

  1. Consolidate visibility with a single integration stopping API attacks at the edge.
  2. Adapt to evolving threats with AI capable of spotting 33x more malicious activity.
  3. Preempt targeted attacks with specialist research or feed WAFs and SOC tools specialist threat intelligence.

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Why Brands Choose Netacea to Stop Automated API Attacks

Agentless Integration

Achieve consolidated visibility of sophisticated attacks from the edge, without the complexity associated with agents.
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Intent Detection Engine

Detect and block activity with an AI engine designed to stop automated API attacks swiftly and autonomously.
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Active Attack Insights

Reduce harmful bot volume and build more relevant controls with dedicated bot threat intelligence tuned to API attacks.
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API attack detection

Real Time API Attack Detection

Netacea’s defensive AI constantly updates and adapts itself to deliver the most accurate and trusted bot detection without the need for manual rule changes.


Fast and Easy to Deploy Integrations

Attackers exploit what they can see. Netacea’s agentless protection is invisible to attackers, so they won’t know what’s blocking them, making you a more expensive target.

API attack detection

Specialist Bot Intelligence to Uncover API Attacks Before They Happen

Preempt the next wave of API attacks with Netacea’s bot threat intelligence, gathering data on attacker activities across thousands of sources, 24/7.

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How to Protect Your APIs Against Excessive Data Exposure

APIs create seamless online experiences — but they’re also a big security risk. Find out why excessive data exposure in your API happens, and how to avoid it.

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