Netacea™ Bot Protection.
AI-Driven. Effortless to Manage.

Get visibility into malicious bot traffic across your entire attack surface. Accurately detect attacks and automate your attack response with trusted, industry leading defensive AI.

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More threats detected


Signals analyzed every second


False positive rate

Bot Protection For Evolving Threat Surfaces. Stop Persistent Attackers. Eliminate Manual Effort. Enhance Threat Intelligence.

Agentless for Total Visibility

Single on the edge deployment, self managing with automated server side updates. Enables full visibility into attack surface traffic and intent.

Trusted Defensive AI

Truly autonomous detection and response. Trusted by enterprise SOC teams. Proven to block bots 33x more effectively, with a 0.001% false positive rate.

Active Attack Intelligence

Visualize live attacks as they happen. Understand traffic behavior and enhance strategic and operational decision making.

Overcome the Pains of Traditional Bot Protection Solutions

Bot traffic is rising. Attacks are becoming more frequent and complex, accelerated by the growth in offensive AI.

Weaknesses and detection
gaps are being exploited where traditional solutions simply can’t detect malicious traffic. Netacea Bot Protection is engineered specifically to allow SOC and Infosec teams to have greater control, confidence and trust across their digital attack surfaces.

  1. Reduce Revenue Loss

    Enterprise brands lose on average $85m annually to malicious automation in a persistent, unseen financial leak. Netacea shines a spotlight on the bots responsible and protects your systems so you can maximize revenue.
  2. Eliminate Manual Work and Resource Consumption

    Tedious, slow and manual updates leave you in a reactive posture to threats. Continuous agent deployments across multiple platforms take up precious team time and result in high infrastructure costs.
  3. Avoid Reputation Damage

    When customers lose out to bots, they vote with their wallet and negative sentiment can spread quickly. Persistent failures to stop attacks can also result in significant regulatory fines.
500m – 750m USD

“Amazing bot detection and mitigation capabilities with a very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team.”

Head of Infosec Retail

The Industry’s Most Accurate Bot Detection Platform. Single Deployment. Full Visibility. Enhanced Security.

Fundamentally different. Ruthlessly effective at blocking bad bots.

xisting bot protection tooling fails to equip InfoSec teams to proactively identify and mitigate sophisticated threats across expanding threat surfaces. Netacea delivers a fundamentally different, highly effective and proven approach. Identifying and blocking bots at the edge using industry leading behavioural analysis and defensive AI to detect & mitigate threats in real-time.

Traditional Bot Protection

Ideal Bot Protection

  • Limited client side detection
  • Agentless, full attack surface visibility
  • Manual, high maintenance
  • Self managing, automated updates
  • Slow to adapt, misses attacks
  • Defensive AI, mitigates in real-time
  • Visible to attackers, easy to bypass
  • Invisible, tough to bypass
  • Only handles defence bypass tactics
  • Addresses full threat lifecycle

Traditional Bot Protection

  • Limited client side detection
  • Manual, high maintenance
  • Slow to adapt, misses attacks
  • Visible to attackers, easy to bypass
  • Only handles defence bypass tactics

Ideal Bot Protection

  • Agentless, full attack surface visibility
  • Self managing, automated updates
  • Defensive AI, mitigates in real-time
  • Invisible, tough to bypass
  • Addresses full threat lifecycle
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AI Powered. Trusted Autonomous Bot Detection and Response.

Netacea’s defensive AI constantly updates and adapts itself to deliver the most accurate and trusted bot detection. With a false positive rate of just 0.001%, Netacea detects and mitigates evolving bot attacks without needing rule changes or manual updates.

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Invisible Protection. Thwarts the Most Evasive and Sophisticated Attacks in Real Time.

Attackers exploit what they can see. Netacea’s agentless protection makes it invisible. Your attackers won’t know what’s blocking them, making you a more expensive target.

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Handle High Throughput.
Never Impact Customers.

Netacea delivers efficacy and reliability at scale for the most complex environments. With capacity to analyse high throughput traffic at ultra low latency, Netacea delivers a frictionless experience for customers whilst protecting infrastructure reliability.

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Always Evolving. Automated Threat Intelligence.

Netacea’s AI approach learns your business. Our machine learning models constantly adapt to better identify and mitigate the sophisticated bots most relevant to you whilst seamlessly updating your defense to mitigate attacks seen by other Netacea customers.

How Netacea Bot Management Protects You From Automated Bot Attacks

Deployed at the edge, Netacea protects all traffic sources with a single solution. Our agentless deployment protects websites, apps and APIs, securing your most critical web systems. It’s fast, effortless to manage and reduces complexity and costs, so you can feel confident in your bot protection.

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Built to Integrate with
Infrastructure and Security

Never deploy agents again. Discover how our server-side approach allows for a swift and cost effective integration. A single deployment to cover web, app and API, using the tech you already have.
Netacea Bot Protection Supported Plugins.

Bot Protection Use Cases We Solve:

Account Takeover

Identify & stop malicious actors from seizing control of customer accounts.
Stop Account Takeover Attacks

Carding Fraud

Detect and block automated card cracking, carding and enumeration attacks.
Stop Carding Attacks

Credential Stuffing

Stop attackers from brute forcing their way into your customers’ accounts.
Stop Credential Stuffing Attacks

Fake Account Creation

Halt attempts to create masses of accounts, damaging your business.
Stop Fake Account Creation

Loyalty Point Fraud

Prevent exploitation of new account bonuses and fake account creation.
Stop Loyalty Point Fraud

Scalper Bots

Maintain the integrity of online sales and ensure inventory goes to real customers.
Stop Scaler Bot Attacks


Detect and stop bots bypassing CAPTCHA challenges using human intervention or AI.
Stop CAPTCHA Bypass

Web Scraping

Identify and stop web scrapers that compromise your website.
Stop Web Scraping

Trusted by the World’s Largest Online Businesses

Protecting 100 billion transactions, every week, at Fortune 500 and FTSE100 companies
Global fashion retailer detects 22x more bots using Netacea compared to Akamai Bot Manager.
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International education platform detects 33x more bots using Netacea compared to HUMAN
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Travel booking website blocks 15x more bots using Netacea than F5 (Shape Security)
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$200m – 300m Revenue

“Netacea has managed to pick up bot threats that other competitors don’t even notice due to a great threat detection system.”

Head of InfoSec Retail
$1bn – $5bn Revenue

“We saw 49% more carding and account takeover attacks than PX/Human. Agentless in nature, easy to test, and even easier to implement.”

CISO D2C Consumer Goods
$500m – $700m Revenue

“Amazing bot detection and mitigation capabilities with a very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team.”

Head of InfoSec Retail

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Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

Demo Netacea and see how our bot protection software autonomously prevents the most sophisticated and dynamic automated attacks across websites, apps and APIs.
  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
  • Automated, trusted defensive AI. Real-time detection and response
  • Invisible to attackers. Operates at the edge, deters persistent threats
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