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Alex McConnell

What is a Sophisticated Bot Attack?

Learn about the growing sophistication of bot attacks. Find out how to improve defenses and detect these attacks effectively.
Alex McConnell

Offensive AI Lowers the Barrier of Entry for Bot Attackers

Explore the impact of offensive AI and automated attacks. Discover how AI is changing the landscape of cybersecurity.
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Alex McConnell

What is Defensive AI and Why is it Essential in Bot Protection?

Discover the potential of defensive AI in bot protection. Explore how machine learning can protect against automated attacks.
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Case Study

“The Big Game” Streamed Seamlessly to Millions Thanks to Netacea

Netacea protected a major streaming service from outages during a major livestreaming event, mitigating huge credential stuffing attacks.
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Research & Reports

Cyber Security in the Age of Offensive AI

Read analysis into the greatest challenges in incorporating defensive AI, with insights into the future of AI attacks from experts.
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Research & Reports

Death By a Billion Bots

Uncover the accumulating business cost of malicious automation in this report from Netacea, gleaned from a major industry survey.
Case Study

Netacea Keeps an Online Pharmacy Safe from Scraping Attacks

Aggressive scalper bots were threatening the availability of a major online pharmacy at peak times. Find out how Netacea protects them against malicious automation.
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SEO Poisoning Part 2: How Bots Fuel SEO Poisoning Attacks

Learn how bots and automation are expanding the scope and reach of SEO poisoning attacks, and how businesses can detect and protect against malicious campaigns.
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Alex McConnell

Why Your Current Anti-Bot System Might be Failing

The demands on anti bot solutions have changed. Here is why your existing solution may be falling short.
Alex McConnell

Calculating the ROI of Effective Bot Management

Bot attacks cost businesses millions of dollars annually but quantifying this is complicated. Read our guide on calculating ROI of effective bot management.
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Data Sheet

Netacea Platform Overview

Defend websites, APIs and mobile apps from evasive automated attacks with a lightweight platform that is purpose built to perform at scale.
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Research & Reports

The Bot Management Buyer’s Guide

Read our buyer’s guide to learn the crucial questions you must ask any bot management vendor before deciding on your approach to protecting against bot threats.
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Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

Demo Netacea and see how our bot protection software autonomously prevents the most sophisticated and dynamic automated attacks across websites, apps and APIs.
  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
  • Automated, trusted defensive AI. Real-time detection and response
  • Invisible to attackers. Operates at the edge, deters persistent threats
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