Web Scraping Protection for High Traffic Brands

Prevent web scraping of content, prices and sensitive data with agentless bot management and industry leading defensive AI.

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How do Web Scraping Attacks Impact Your Business?

High Infrastructure Costs

High volume and persistent automated scraping drives up your server costs.

Negative User Experience

Aggressive scraping causes site slowdowns that frustrates genuine website visitors.

Revenue Damage

Scraping targets your core business model by stealing content and enabling site cloning, price manipulation, arbitrage betting and more.

Scrapers Extract Valuable Content, Data and Unique IP from Brands

Unable to stop data scraping bots for over four months on average, websites, mobile apps and APIs have IP exfiltrated and monetized elsewhere.

Netacea uses defensive AI to rapidly distinguish scraping activity and block the bots responsible in real-time, protecting your data and infrastructure.

Prevent Scraper Bots with Netacea

The Netacea platform effortlessly stops sophisticated bot attacks at scale using trusted defensive AI and specialized threat intelligence.

  1. Achieve consolidated visibility of sophisticated scraping automation from the edge, without complex agents.
  2. Detect and block malicious activity with an AI engine designed to stop data scraping autonomously.
  3. Kill scraper dwell time with dedicated blacklists and monitor specialist communities for planned campaigns.

Take a Tour of Netacea’s Scraping Protection Software

See how you can visualize and analyze scraping attacks in realtime on your website, apps and APIs.

Why Brands Choose Netacea to Stop Scraper Bots

Agentless Integration

Achieve consolidated visibility of sophisticated scraping automations from the edge, without the complexity associated with agents.
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Intent Detection Engine

Detect and block activity with an AI engine designed to stop data scraping swiftly and autonomously.
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Active Attack Insights

Reduce scraper dwell time and build more relevant controls with dedicated bot threat intelligence.
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Real Time Scraping Detection

Netacea’s defensive AI constantly updates and adapts itself to deliver the most accurate and trusted bot detection without the need for manual rule changes.


Fast and Easy to Deploy Integrations

Attackers exploit what they can see. Netacea’s agentless protection is invisible to attackers, so they won’t know what’s blocking them, making you a more expensive target.

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Specialist bot Intelligence to Uncover Scraping Before it Happens

Our in-depth Threat Intelligence keeps a close eye on the attackers and their means of operating against your site, using surveillance of thousands of communities.

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Hardware Retailer Nails Aggressive Price Scrapers with Netacea Bot Management

A hardware retailer was experiencing aggressive scraping activity across their websites, which increased infrastructure costs and risked loss of business.
What is Content Scraping and How Does it Affect Your Business?

What is Content Scraping and How Does it Affect Your Business?

Learn about content scraping, how it works and how to prevent unathorized scraping across your endpoints.
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How to Prevent Scraper Bots: A Guide for Retailers

This guide helps retailers understand the threat of web scraping and how to stay protected from malicious scraper bots.

Stop Unauthorized Web Scraping

Book a call with our team and discover how Netacea helps enterprise brands stop web scraping and content scraping attacks. What to expect:
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  • Learn how Netacea’s unique approach helps enterprises prevent online fraud & protect customers
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