Card Fraud Detection at Scale

Prevent card cracking bots attacking your payment portals with agentless, AI driven bot protection.


How Does Carding Fraud Impact Your Business?


Your businesses is forced to replace stock and reimburse the card holder.

Third Party Cost

Transaction authorization fees accrue and your store can be flagged as fraudulent, disrupting operations.


The velocity of carding attacks can overwhelm payment portals, damaging legitimate customer UX.

Advanced Bots Bypass Legacy Credit Card Fraud Detection Software

Failing to stop card cracking attacks, businesses suffer revenue loss, churn and operational cost, with attacks going undetected for four months on average.

How Does Netacea Stop Carding Fraud?

The Netacea platform effortlessly stops sophisticated bot attacks at scale using trusted defensive AI and specialized threat intelligence.

  1. Natively protect any payment portal agentlessly, from websites to mobile apps, consoles and APIs.
  2. Detect previously unseen attacks on payment gateways and checkouts with predictive AI proven to be 33x more effective.
  3. Block carding bots with blacklists from the largest global retailers and act proactively on targeted forum intelligence.

Take a Tour of Netacea’s Carding Fraud Protection Software

See how you can visualize and analyze carding fraud attacks in real-time on your websites, apps and APIs.

Why Brands Choose Netacea to Stop Carding Fraud

Agentless Integration

Gain consolidated visibility of automated carding threats across websites, APIs and mobile apps with a single, agentless integration
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Intent Detection Engine

Prevent automated carding behaviors 33x more effectively than competitors with an AI engine capable of spotting malicious intent.
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Active Attack Insights

Enhance posture against automated carding attacks with strategies founded in granular threat data and specialist dark-web research.
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Real Time Carding Fraud Detection

Netacea’s defensive AI constantly updates and adapts itself to deliver the most accurate and trusted bot detection without the need for manual rule changes.


Fast and Easy to Deploy Integrations

Attackers exploit what they can see. Netacea’s agentless protection is invisible to attackers, so they won’t know what’s blocking them, making you a more expensive target.


Specialist Bot Intelligence to Uncover Carding Attacks Before They Happen

Netacea Threat Intelligence maintains constant vigilance on thousands of attacker forums to flag planned carding attacks and keep us one step ahead.

Explore Carding Fraud Attack Resources

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See How Netacea Prevents Carding Fraud

Book a call with our team, discover how Netacea helps enterprise brands detect and prevent payment and carding fraud attacks. What to expect:
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  • Learn how Netacea’s unique approach helps enterprises prevent online fraud & protect customers.
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