Advanced Bot Protection for Websites

Netacea protects every website within your estate from automated attacks, across all brands and countries, with one simple integration. Remove complexity with trusted, autonomous bot protection that secures your revenue, customers and reputation in real time.

Bot protection for web apps

Protect Websites from Sophisticated Bot Attacks

Businesses face unprecedented challenges in protecting every page of every site from automated attacks, from login and user accounts to product pages and checkout, without impacting customer experience or weighing down internal teams.
Challenge 1

Defenses Easily Bypassed

Legacy defenses expose client-side code to attackers, who quickly exploit this to bypass controls.
Challenge 2

Resource Intensive Manual Maintenance

Deploying and maintaining code for legacy controls across multiple websites takes time and wastes resources.
Challenge 3

Defenses That Don’t Scale

Peak traffic and brute force attacks knock legacy defenses offline, along with the sites they protect.

All-In-One Protection Across Every Website

Netacea Bot Protection controls bot traffic hitting your full estate of websites with accurate, powerful detection boasting a 0.001% false positive rate. Protect all domains and geographies in one server-side integration, with no need to deploy and maintain JavaScript anywhere. Trusted defensive AI detects and stops automated attacks instantly, protecting your user accounts, product pages, checkout process and every other website function from automated abuse, without impacting real customers.

500 – 750m USD

“Amazing bot protection and mitigation capabilities with very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team.”

Head of Information Security Retail
Bot protection for web apps

Deploy Once, Protect Everything

No more blind spots or staggered defenses. Deploy Netacea Bot Protection across every website you manage from day one, with a single integration at the edge.

Bot protection for web apps

Save Time and Money

No code, multiple deployments or manual incident response handling significantly reduces infrastructure and human IT resource costs.

Bot protection for web apps

React to Evolving Threats

Attacks don’t stand still. Netacea’s tailored AI models adapt to new threats on the fly by analyzing billions of signals in real time every hour.

Bot protection for web apps

Strategize with Specialist Intelligence

Enrich your SOC with Netacea recommendations and stay ahead of attacker groups with expansive threat intelligence.

How Netacea Protects Websites from Bots

Netacea delivers robust protection against automated attacks across your entire web estate, taking the hard work away from your team whilst protecting customer experience and revenue.

Client-Free Bot Protection

Netacea’s agentless, code-free implementation is invisible to attackers, eliminating bypasses and improving detection across all your websites.

Autonomous Defensive AI

No updates, no rule changes. Just adaptable, accurate and automatic defense that autonomously blocks bots, not customers with a 0.001% false positive rate.

Highly Scalable Solution

Cloud-based bot protection at the edge that scales to meet extreme peaks in traffic, adding minimal latency and zero risk with a fail-open architecture.

Netacea Keeps an Online Pharmacy Safe from Scraping Attacks

Read our case study exploring how Netacea Bot Protection kept one of Europe’s largest online pharmacies online despite persistent aggressive scraping attacks.

Read case study

See How Netacea Can Protect Your Websites From Automated Attacks

Book a call with our team and discover how Netacea helps enterprise brands protect websites, apps and APIs from automated attacks. What to expect:
  • 1-1 time with a dedicated bot expert
  • Discussion around attacks you are facing
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