Netacea Bot Management Software

Unrivalled bot protection. Keep your customers and revenue safe.

Analyze traffic intent, rapidly stop automated attacks and level up your teams threat prevention capabilities.

  • Real time threat detection
  • Single deployment via CDN, WAF or APIs
  • Undetectable to your attackers

What to expect from Netacea:

  • Zero agent maintenance icon

    Zero agent maintenance

    Save time and effort with server-side, agentless bot management, meaning you'll never login, maintain or manage different bot-based rulesets.

  • Always On Threat Detection icon

    Always On Threat Detection

    Keep bots in your crosshairs with our Active Threat Database, Netacea’s bot management solution learns from every attack it encounters and our machine learning technology evolves to protect all of our customers in real time, instantly.

  • Scalable, cloud-based solution icon

    Scalable, cloud-based solution

    Seamlessly scale up and down, depending on the scale of bot attacks, with a fully cloud-based solution. No code or agents required.

Advanced bot protection & expertise to stop bad bots

Machine learning, data science, and threat research combine to deliver a best-in-class bot management solution against automated threats.

Bot Management - Netacea's approach

Built to tackle the sophisticated bot attacks you face every day

  • Account takeover icon

    Account takeover

  • Credential stuffing icon

    Credential stuffing

  • Sneaker and scalper bots icon

    Sneaker and scalper bots

  • Web scraping icon

    Web scraping

  • Card cracking icon

    Card cracking

  • Loyalty point fraud icon

    Loyalty point fraud

  • Fake account creation icon

    Fake account creation

  • Skewed marketing analytics icon

    Skewed marketing analytics

What our customers think:

  • 5 star bot management review

    "The best bot protection!"

    We saw 49% more carding and account takeover attacks than PerimeterX/Human. Agentless in nature, easy to test, and even easier to implement.

    CISO in Consumer Goods,
  • 5 stars

    "Excellent company - real experts"

    "Excellent company - real experts in their field. We have successfully blocked scraping bots - reducing website load and preventing downtime."

    Head of SRE UK,
  • 5 stars

    "My world is much quieter now!"

    "From having regular security incidents to nothing really happening is great. Looking at the mitigation graphs, lots happening, nothing getting through!"

    Internal Consultant, Telecommunications,
  • 5 stars

    "Excellent product, great team"

    "Amazing bot detection and mitigation capabilities with a very low rate of false positives. Great customer service and support team."

    Administrator, Information Technology and Communications,
  • 4.5 Stars

    "Great supplier, very talented"

    "The professionalism of the team and company as a whole in delivers an excellent service for us, not only day to day, but on our key events."

    Consultant, Retail,
  • 4.5 Stars

    "Great product and great service"

    "Our on-call engineers can now rest easier at night knowing that automated and proactive threat blocking from Netacea is taking action in near real-time against numerous attacks."

    Administrator in Financial Services,

Study all traffic and user behavior across your estate

We'll analyze typical/atypical user behavior across your website, mobile apps, and APIs. When we know the difference, this insight gets fed into Intent Analytics™.

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Netacea bot management dashboard

Effortlessly block OWASP automated threats

Netacea's advanced bot protection stops bot attacks in real time. Monitor progress, challenge or redirect attacks as they unfold in our easy-to-use solution.

Visualise bot attacks on your estate

Superior bot protection supported by bot industry experts

Feel confident your bot management solution always performs, as our bot experts proactively fine-tune your implementation, and offer annual threat intelligence reports.

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Bot management dashboard

Learn, adapt, and improve for next time

Stay ahead of unknown threats with Active Threat Database (ATD); our crowdsourced playbook of bot attacks. When under attack, ATD draws from the thousands of bot attacks experienced in the Netacea network and if it knows the threat, Netacea shuts it down immediately.

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Bot Management Active Threat Database.

Monitor and scrutinize results

Draw valuable insights during and after bot attacks from data-rich dashboards, complemented by visualizations to help you understand and stop future business logic attacks.

Bot management attack intelligence summary

Free Bot Management Resources

See how much bot attacks cost your business

Use our bot calculator to quantify how much automated attacks are costing your business in revenue and infrastructure costs.

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Learn more about our behavior-based approach