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Advanced Bot Management Software for API, Web and Apps

Netacea's bot management technology offers the ultimate bot protection and API security for Enterprise by detecting and mitigating even the most sophisticated bot attacks that others miss. With a single on the edge integration Netacea Bot Management continuously analyses all website, API, and application traffic to reveal malicious intent in real-time and autonomously takes action to mitigate bot threats before they cause harm to your business.

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How Netacea works to identify bots

Bot protection solutions are not solutions when they don’t have the detection, threat intelligence and automated mitigation capabilities to keep your business safe. It’s time to switch from outdated conventional solutions that ultimately waste your resources and despite your best efforts, leave you vulnerable to the next attack. Netacea offers the next generation in bot protection built to respect your time and offer better protection against bot attacks:

Bot Protection Software

Advanced bot protection and security against a wide range of use cases

Next Generation Bot Protection Technology

With Netacea you get the better way to beat bad bots.

  • A single integration for web,  API and apps icon

    A single integration for web, API and apps

    Netacea bot protection software operates at the edge making for rapid deployment and unparalleled visibility of bot traffic with almost zero latency.

  • 6x better at stopping bot  attacks in real time icon

    6x better at stopping bot attacks in real time

    Our patented technology uses AI and machine learning to analyze all bot traffic for malicious behavior, to stop scalpers, scrapers and data stealing bots.

  • Hyper light touch management icon

    Hyper light touch management

    Forget manual updating and curating quickly outdated rules. Netacea updates and distributes anti bot protection seamlessly and with no human intervention required.

Ai-Powered Intent Detection

Use Ai to identify bots more accurately than ever before.

Our server-side Bot protection scrutinizes user behavior across your Websites, Apps & APIs. This data is then fed into our Intent Analytics™, our machine learning engine, to identify bot threats six times more accurately than competitors with a 0.001% false positive rate.

Discover more about bot detection

Automated Bot Mitigation

Stop bots in real time with an always up to date bot security playbook.

Netacea’s bot protection software uses Ai and Machine learning to calibrate and automatically update itself to keep you protected against the latest bot threats using our industry leading active threat database.

Discover more about bot mitigation

Light touch Bot Management

Single deployment, less manual management, more time saved.

Signature-based tools designed to deal with bots need babysitting to be even a little bit effective. Time that you and your team can ill afford when human capability is already stretched thin. Netacea is hyper light touch to manage with no agents or signature updates required, our solution does it for you.

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Bot Expertise

Bot experts on standby to give you the added bot protection and intelligence.

When it’s needed Netacea’s engine is augmented by an expert team of data scientists and industry leading bot threat intelligence experts. They’re there to monitor activity, analyze threats in-depth and scoop up outliers.

Discover more about our bot expertise

Seamless Integration

Protect your world with a single deployment that covers it.

New tech, platforms and complex setups demand anti bot protection that covers you and your customers where you need it. Our cloud based approach allows for rapid deployment, massive scale with integrations for CDNs, load balancers and web platforms. Getting you up and running in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Netacea Bot Management - Key Information

  • Can I try Netacea Bot Management before purchasing?

    Yes, Netacea offers a range of options for you to put us to the test vs other competitors. Typically our Bot Management customers see up to 6x better threat detection due to our patented Intent Analytics™

    Start an inline or offline POC with Netacea with our Free Trial options here.

  • Who is Netacea bot management software for?

    Netacea Bot management software is designed for small, medium and large-scale enterprises. Built to help the worlds leading digital brands detect and stop bots in real time. Our Solution is massively scalable and offers a low latency solution with a greater breadth of protection across your entire attack surface.

  • How does Netacea bot management benefit your business?

    Netacea bot management is implemented in a way that allows you to customize the criteria for blocking bots. This lets you control how aggressively your site is protected and gives you more opportunities to collect valuable information about your visitors, allowing you to make better business decisions based on accurate data instead of wild guesses. With a bespoke solution tailored to your business we ensure you secure the APIs, websites and apps you need better security on.

    Bots can be detected and blocked without compromising the user experience on your website in real-time. Fewer bots mean fewer bad requests, which in turn means less stress for your server and better performance for users. Managing bad bot traffic is a valuable way to protect your site without slowing it down, keeping you safe from unnecessary downtime and lost revenue while safeguarding your brand image online.

    Unlike other solutions Netacea doesn’t require hands on management or expensive maintenance to keep up to date. It benefits your business by using a single deployment that covers API, Web and Application bot security. So you only ever have to handle a single point of integration. Saving you time, effort and money.

  • How much does Netacea Bot Management cost?

    Netacea pricing is tailored to your business as we recognise every business has differnet bot security needs. You can request pricing here for your business

  • What to consider when choosing a bot management solution?

    Bot management solutions offer different benefits depending on their features and functionalities. It is important to conduct thorough research before settling on one provider over another so that you know what each offers beyond simply blocking bad bots.

    Read Netacea's Buyers Guide to Bot Management here for more information

Netacea Bot Protection

Detect & Stop More Bot Attacks with Netacea

Simplify the complexity of dealing with bot attacks and outpace them at every turn. Netacea offers the perfect bot protection software for brands that want peace of mind from bots with a simple effortless to manage single solution that protects Web, App and API.

What you can expect from Netacea:

  • Intent Based Detection - Detect 6x More Threats
  • Single Point of Integration - Protects Web, App and API
  • Light Touch Management - No rules or agents, Always up to Date

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