Detect & Stop Automated Brute Force Attacks.

Defend your business with Netacea’s suite of cybersecurity solutions design to prevent multiple forms of automated attacks that seek to carry out online fraud.

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Automated threats Netacea secures you against:

Account Takeover

Stop malicious actors from seizing control of customer accounts.
Account Takeover

Carding Fraud

Detect and block automated card cracking, carding and enumeration attacks.
Carding Fraud

Credential Stuffing

Stop attackers from brute forcing their way into your customers’ accounts
Credential Stuffing

Scalper Bots

Maintain the integrity of online sales and ensure goods go to real customers.

Fake Account Creation

Halt attempts to create masses of accounts; damaging your business.
Fake Account Creation

API Abuse

Prevent bots from carrying abuse or malicious activity on your API traffic.
API Attacks

Web Scraping

Identify and stop web scrapers that compromise your website.

Loyalty Point Fraud

Prevent exploitation of new account bonuses and fake account creation.
Loyalty Point Fraud

Combat Automated Threats Like Never Before

Netacea’s suite of cybersecurity solutions uncovers the entire automated threat lifecycle, so you can identify threats and enact a more informed security posture


We help you uncover unkown threat actors who have yet to act or are acting against your business.


Enhance and bolster existing anti bot defences based on datasets of known threat actors.

Detect & Respond

Automated mitigation to identify and stop threats in real-time. Trusted response powered by Defensive AI.

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