Published: 22/02/2023

Netacea Quarterly Index: Top 5 Scalper Bot Targets of Q4 2022

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Netacea’s Threat Research team provides expert analysis on the most scalped items of the quarter, this time focusing on the period from October to December 2022.

Q4 is the most important time of the year for most eCommerce businesses, as consumers go after gifts and their most desired goods. However, Q4 is also prime time for scalper bots to strike, buying up stock faster than humans possibly could. The greater the consumer demand, the more profit scalper groups can make on reseller markets.

In this report, we compare scalper trends to Q3 (such as the slight decline in demand for the PlayStation 5), as well as the effect of unforeseen external factors: most notably Kanye West’s dissociation with Adidas boosting Nike to the top spot; as well as Taylor Swift’s latest tour going on sale, which saw an average markup price of a staggering 4,719%.

Read the report to learn:

  • The top five scalper bot targets of Q4 2022
  • How these compare to Q3 2022
  • The hot trends in scalper bot communities and why they’re changing

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