How are Bots Affecting Streaming Services?
Published: 05/06/2020

How are Bots Affecting Streaming Services?

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Recently, it has been reported that Netflix has gained 16 million new sign-ups due to lockdown. This is no surprise with more people than ever being at home as a result of COVID-19. Streaming services are in high demand, this means increased sign-ups, and with more customers signing up, this increases the probability of account takeover attacks and fake account creation.

With the current demand being so high for streaming services, we look into the main threats streaming services could face.

What you need to know about bad bots in streaming

More users enable bad bots to hide in plain sight. Cybercriminals know users commonly reuse the same password across different services. Streaming services could face this issue more than others as customers tend to use easier password combinations when logging into these services on devices such as televisions and iPads. Streaming service providers need to recognize and understand the threats.

Fake account creation in streaming services

Streaming services, now more than ever, need to be vigilant in recognizing and blocking manipulative fake accounts. Fake account creation, when bots create new accounts that are not linked to real users, is an automated bot threat that cybercriminals use to commit fraudulent acts, including the generation of spam or abusing sign up bonuses.

In the gaming and gambling industry, fake accounts are frequently used by attackers seeking to benefit from sign up bonuses, vouchers or other benefits that can be monetized.

Account takeover in streaming services

Account takeover (known as ATO,) is a type of identity theft where a cybercriminal gains unauthorized access to an account belonging to someone else. ATO attacks can affect any organization and company with a customer-facing login. Therefore, streaming services could currently be facing this threat.

Fraudsters are clever and can use various tactics to gain access to customer accounts, potentially changing the account details, or selling validated account details on the dark web for a profit.

Taking action against bad bots

Losses from ATO and fraud cost businesses across all industries billions of dollars per year.

Not taking action against fake accounts could, therefore, lead to severe financial losses and reputational damage for streaming services. Be aware of the signs of account takeover fraud and take action to protect your business and customers. Signs such as an increase in fraudulent customer disputes, hundreds of login attempts or mass password resets.

bot detection solution can quickly identify abnormal user behavior that shows signs of fake account creation and ATO activity. Request a personalized demo today to discover how Netacea’s unique approach to bot management can protect your website, mobile app and APIs.

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