Netacea Launches North American Partner Program
Published: 11/01/2022

Netacea Launches North American Partner Program

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Appointment of U.S. leadership team and new UPSTACK partnership agreement will help companies better defend themselves against the growing bot threat

MANCHESTER, England & NEW YORK – 11th January 2022 – Netacea announced today the launch of a new North American partner program, including the appointment of a U.S.-based leadership team, to support its expanding global footprint. One of the world’s leading providers of bot detection and mitigation solutions, Netacea also revealed it has entered into a new partnership agreement with UPSTACK, a fast-growing U.S.-based company whose platform transforms the architecture and sourcing experience for businesses seeking cloud and internet infrastructure solutions.

Peter Berg, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of sales leadership and extensive channel and partner experience with North American and international technology companies, has joined Netacea as its Senior Vice President of U.S. Sales. His new role includes spearheading Netacea’s go-to-market efforts for North America.

“Netacea has established itself as a leading global expert in bot detection and mitigation, and its award-winning solutions are making a difference for companies around the world as they look to protect revenue and customer relationships from online criminals. As the threat from bots continues to grow, the time had come for Netacea to expand its presence on the global stage with an on-the-ground team in North America,” Berg said. “The opportunity to launch a world-class channel program that will provide businesses with a ‘must-have’ solution for their cybersecurity toolbox is exciting. I look forward to growing the team on this side of the Atlantic and putting in place a strong partner program that benefits the entire cybersecurity ecosystem.”

Berg added that Netacea is fully committed to quickly scaling its North American operations as it adds U.S.-based team members, including customer and sales support. He expects the team size to quadruple over the next 12 months.

The decision to expand Netacea’s presence in North America is due in part to the growing awareness by businesses about the impact of bots. According to the recent Netacea report The Bot Management Review: What are bots costing your business?, automated bots operated by malicious actors cost businesses an average of 3.6% of their annual revenue. For the 25% worst affected businesses, this equates to at least a quarter of a billion dollars ($250 million) every year.

Also joining the U.S. team is Kirk Horton. He brings to Netacea more than 20 years’ experience in building channel programs, developing alliances, and overseeing sales and business development. Horton will leverage this deep experience while serving as Vice President of Channels and Partners and leading Netacea’s NetElite™ Partner Program. He explained that a mounting awareness of bot threats is one factor driving a rapid increase in cybersecurity investments.

“In my two decades of building channel programs, I’ve never seen such a significant opportunity for partners, whether they are advisory agencies, managed service providers or managed security service providers, value-added resellers, or independent consultants,” Horton said. “Partners who are able to understand the financial cost of bot attacks, articulate risks to customers, and then provide a proven solution to combat those threats have a massive opportunity to grow revenue as well as bolster their reputations as strategic security advisors.”

The just-announced partnership with UPSTACK is one key element of Netacea’s growth strategy. With UPSTACK, businesses can streamline IT procurement by tapping into a single source for mission-critical technology services, including cybersecurity solutions. Business customers benefit from UPSTACK’s extensive team of cloud infrastructure advisors, who leverage decades of professional experience along with UPSTACK’s advanced technology to architect customized solutions for businesses of all sizes

Nicholas Caruso, Head of Global Channels and Alliances at UPSTACK, said Netacea’s bot detection and mitigation capabilities are beneficial additions to its service portfolio. “As the world’s fastest- growing technology advisory platform, we need a full suite of cybersecurity solutions so that businesses of all sizes and types can count on us to match them with the best solutions for their needs. Our partnership with Netacea, and the ability to include its solution as a premier component of our comprehensive security portfolio, is a win for our customers as well as for UPSTACK,” he said.

“Netacea offers next-generation technology that’s completely changing bot management and tackling one of the fastest growing security threat vectors,” said Jeremy Dodds, UPSTACK Partner and Managing Director. “Bots are a pervasive and rapidly growing problem affecting almost all industries, and they contribute to billions of dollars in losses every year. Bot management is an essential part of any security strategy, and Netacea’s technology will be essential for many of our clients.”

To learn how Netacea distinguishes bots from humans and protects websites, mobile apps and APIs, visit the Netacea website.

About Netacea

Netacea, a bot detection and mitigation platform, takes a smarter approach to bot management and is a recognized leader for its innovative use of threat intelligence and machine learning. Netacea’s Intent Analytics™ engine analyses web and API logs in near real-time to identify and mitigate bot threats. This unique approach provides businesses with transparent, actionable threat intelligence that empowers them to make informed decisions about their traffic.


Launched in 2017 in New York, N.Y., UPSTACK is transforming the way cloud and internet infrastructure is sourced and sold. The company uses advanced technology to enable an extensive team of cloud infrastructure advisors to architect customized solutions for businesses of all sizes. With UPSTACK, business buyers streamline IT procurement by tapping into a single source for mission-critical technology services from hundreds of proven providers along with the professional guidance to identify and evaluate the best solutions. UPSTACK’s service portfolio includes colocation and data center, network connectivity, SD-WAN, unified communications, cloud contact center, private and public cloud, security, mobile, business continuity and IoT. For more information, visit us at

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