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death by a billion bots report from netacea front cover
Research & Reports

Death By a Billion Bots

Uncover the accumulating business cost of malicious automation in this report from Netacea, gleaned from a major industry survey.
how to handle peak traffic spikes
30th January 2024

Webinar: How To Handle Peak Traffic Spikes and Mitigate Bot Attacks

Discover how Netacea and Queue-it safeguard your eCommerce site from traffic surges and bots. Watch our webinar to learn more.
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Research & Reports

How are Bots Changing Buyer Behavior?

Uncover the hidden impact of bot attacks on consumer psychology. Netacea's report reveals insights on buying habits, secondary markets, and inflated prices.
death by a billion bots report
19th October 2023

Webinar: Death By a Billion Bots

Bad bots are costing businesses billions annually, whilst flying under the radar. This webinar brings industry experts together to discuss Netacea's latest survey results.
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Alex McConnell

How to Map Your Bot Use Cases and Protect Your Brand

Bot attacks are varied in their tactics so no singular approach will block every use case. The first step must be formally mapping out the risks using the BLADE Framework.

Shining a Light on Bots – Cyril Noel-Tagoe, Netacea

Cyril Noel-Tagoe is the guest on Phishy Business, where he has a fascinating conversation about bots and what they are used for (both good and bad).
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Threat Research Team

What is Refund Fraud-as-a-Service and How Does it Work?

Retailers lose more than $25 billion every year to refund scammers, making it a growing concern for the retail industry. Learn more about retail fraud here.
S01 E11

Ethical Hacking & Bug Bounty Hunting – Jessica Howarth, PortSwigger

Businesses are turning to ethical hackers to find bugs before attackers do. Jessica Howarth from the Daily Swig gets us up to speed in this podcast episode.
S01 E09

Security and Privacy – Charlie Osborne, ZDNet

Are organizations compromising our security by collecting too much personal data? ZDNet journalist Charlie Osborne gives her views in this podcast episode.
S01 E08

MFA is Better than Passwords… Right? – Roger Grimes, KnowBe4

s all multifactor authentication as secure as we might think? In this podcast, Roger Grimes argues that some MFA is open to exploitation.
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Research & Reports

The Bot Management Review 2022

Read Netacea's Bot Management Review 2022 to learn why businesses appear to be doing worse than last year in the fight against bots.
S01 E07

AI in Cybersecurity: A Double-Edged Sword – Elaine Lee, Mimecast

In this podcast, data scientist Elaine Lee discusses how AI can be used for both good and bad, as both a cybersecurity tool and one for criminals to exploit.
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Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

Demo Netacea and see how our bot protection software autonomously prevents the most sophisticated and dynamic automated attacks across websites, apps and APIs.
  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
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