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Webinar: Customer Loyalty – How Are Bots Exploiting Business Logic?

22nd June 2021
14:00 GMT / 16:00 CET

Every business knows the harm done by card cracking attacks, yet few are fully aware of how damaging loyalty point fraud can be or how prevalent such attacks are today.

Loyalty point balances grew during the pandemic as consumers bought more online. Many customers have accumulated significant amounts of loyalty points from cancelled holidays and repeat custom to use post Covid. This makes loyalty point fraud an attractive prospect for cybercriminals who resell such points illegally; the attacks are cheap and easy, the risk is low, and the rewards are high.

Now is the time for retailers to get ahead of this alarming trend, before criminals attack and create yet more financial and reputation unrest for businesses after a difficult year.

In this webinar, hear how loyalty point fraud is affecting retail websites now more than ever.


Thomas Platt

Thomas Platt

Bot Specialist, Netacea
Yasmin Duggal

Yasmin Duggal

Content Manager, Netacea

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