Technical Showcase: How Netacea developed pioneering bot detection

Wednesday, February 24th 2021 13:52 GMT / 14:52 CET

About this event

Have you ever wondered how Netacea develops its pioneering bot detection and mitigation technology?

We take the lead from our customers, developing technology that tackles the emerging malicious bots that threaten their businesses. That means working closely with our customers throughout the development process to build a truly effective solution.

In this webinar, Netacea’s Head of Data Science showcases Intent Pathways, explaining how and why it has been developed and why, with results achieved for our customers so far.

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Meet our speakers

  • Andy Still, Co-Founder


  • Watch to discover:

    • How are bots evolving?
    • Why are legacy bot detection techniques no longer enough?
    • The methodology behind our Intent Pathways technology
    • What results has Intent Pathways achieved for our customers?