Technical Showcase: How Netacea Delivers Rapid Results with Advanced Bot Detection

Thursday, November 18th 2021 11:26 GMT / 12:26 CET

About this event

Are you considering investing in a bot management solution, but need to prove its effectiveness quickly?

Join Netacea data analyst Paulina Cakalli for a deep dive into how Netacea’s technology and expertise provide clients with actionable information about bot traffic across their websites, mobile applications and APIs, from as little as a week’s worth of data.

Using real-world examples, Paulina will demonstrate:

  • The methods by which Netacea ingests, processes and evaluates every single request across the entire web stack
  • The invaluable bot traffic analysis Netacea presents to clients at early and regular intervals
  • Real data showing tangible impacts that Netacea’s recommendations have made early in engagements

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Meet our speakers

  • Paulina Cakalli, Data Analyst at Netacea

    Paulina works closely with Netacea’s data science team to develop new models for detecting anomalous web traffic, combining this with machine learning to produce recommendations for clients. She is a rising star in the world of data science, encouraging other women to enter STEM careers via various speaking opportunities internationally. She received her Masters’ degree in Mathematics and Informatics Engineering at the University of Tirana where she was later an Assistant Lecturer.