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RSA Conference 2023 Preview: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Sessions

Monday, April 17th, 9:56 AM GMT / 11:56 AM CET
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RSA Conference 2023 Preview: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Sessions

Episode Description

RSA Conference 2023 Preview: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Sessions

We’re going to San Francisco! Netacea will once again be at the Moscone Center from 24-27 April for the RSA Conference. We’re looking forward to it so much that we decided to compile our top five most anticipated sessions on the Cybersecurity Sessions podcast.

Special host Danielle Middleton-Wren will be in sunny San Francisco, alongside her two guests for this episode: Netacea co-founder and CPO Andy Still, and Netacea CISO Andy Ash. Andy S was at RSA last year and has some insights and advice for Andy A – an RSA first timer – ahead of their trip to the Golden City.

Meet Andy Still, Andy Ash and the rest of the Netacea team at RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco from 24-27 April! Come to booth 1367 to chat about bots, API protection and online fraud prevention, or tell us what sessions you’ve enjoyed. See you there!

Podcast Host

Danielle Middleton-Wren

Head of Media , Netacea

Dani is a cybersecurity writer and marketing specialist, who strives to decipher the mysteries behind complex cybersecurity subjects and deliver them to a wide audience. Since joining Netacea in 2019, Dani has used her experience in journalism and analyst relations to create compelling external communication strategies that effectively articulate the threat of automated attacks.

Podcast Guest

Andy Still

Co-founder & CPO , Netacea

Andy Still is a pioneer of digital performance for online systems, having authored several books on computing and web performance, application development and non-human web traffic. As Chief Product Officer, he leads the technical direction for Netacea’s products, as well as providing consultancy and thought leadership to clients.

Andy Ash

CISO , Netacea

Andy Ash has worked in IT Services and cyber for 21 years. He has been part of Netacea since its inception and is currently CISO, overseeing the operation and security of the technical platform and Netacea Threat and Bot Expert teams.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Danielle Middleton-Wren:

Hello, and welcome to Netacea's podcast, the bonus episode of Cybersecurity Sessions. So you won't have heard my voice before. I'm Dani Middleton-Wren, and I am head of media here at Netacea, we're going to be talking about RSA 2023 with two of Netacea's C-suiters who'll be attending the conference this year. And I am joined today by the wonderful Andy Still who should be a familiar voice to any regular listeners, and he is Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Netacea.

I'm also joined by Andy Ash, who is our CISO at Netacea, and also a first time Netacea podcaster. So what is RSA? And why are we attending it? So RSA is being held in San Francisco in the Moscone Center between April the 24th and April 27th.

It is one of the biggest security conferences in the world with over 40,000 attendees expected in San Francisco, which means the Moscone Center needs to be absolutely enormous to hold all those people. Netacea attended RSA Conference las

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