AI Regulation & Music, Scalping For Immigration Appointments, Credential Stuffing

Thursday, June 8th, 8:17 AM GMT / 10:17 AM CET
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AI Regulation & Music, Scalping For Immigration Appointments, Credential Stuffing

Episode Description

AI Regulation & Music, Scalping For Immigration Appointments, Credential Stuffing

A fresh Netacea panel of cyber experts are on hand once again to discuss the latest developments in security and bot-related news!

This month, in light of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman standing before US senators and requesting regulation of AI businesses, we give our views on whether one body – or even one nation – can or should regulate this rapidly developing industry.

Universal Music Group also instigated the removal of 7% of AI-generated tracks added to the service via Boomy, opening a debate about automated music creation, artistic copyrights and privacy, how AI models learn to make music, and how humans are influenced to create and consume music.

Also, with 69 arrests made by the Spanish police over a scalper bot ring targeting immigration appointments, our panel ponders how the approach to stopping such attacks differs depending on the target and industry.

Finally, credential stuffing is our attack of the month. As long as people reuse passwords across services, credential stuffing will be a viable attack – is it time the industry moved on and found a better way to authenticate users?

Podcast Host

Danielle Middleton-Wren

Head of Media , Netacea

Dani is a cybersecurity writer and marketing specialist, who strives to decipher the mysteries behind complex cybersecurity subjects and deliver them to a wide audience. Since joining Netacea in 2019, Dani has used her experience in journalism and analyst relations to create compelling external communication strategies that effectively articulate the threat of automated attacks.

Podcast Guest

Andy Lole

CTO , Netacea

An experienced tech and product leader, Andy’s held leadership roles in digital marketplaces across real estate, travel and classifieds marketplaces. He’s developed and operated B2B SaaS tools and services, and core commercial platforms. At Netacea he focuses on expanding product delivery capabilities and customer experience.

Chris Collier

Solutions Engineering Manager , Netacea

Chris is an experienced technical manager who joined Netacea in 2021. Since this time, he’s helped countless clients onboard with our bot management product, ensuring they get a solution that fits their business needs and integrates with their existing platforms.

Cyril Noel-Tagoe

Principal Security Researcher , Netacea

Cyril Noel-Tagoe is an experienced information security professional and Principal Security Researcher at Netacea. He spends his time researching, speaking and writing about malicious bots and other cyber security topics.

Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Dani Middleton-Wren: Hello and welcome to Cybersecurity Sessions, episode two, series two. I am your host, Dani Middleton-Wren, Head of Media here at Netacea, and I am joined today by a trio of experts from Netacea, including Chris Collier. Chris, I'll hand over to you to introduce yourself.

[00:00:23] Chris Collier: I'm our Solution Engineering Manager.

[00:00:25] Dani Middleton-Wren: Wonderful. And Andy Lole.

[00:00:28] Andy Lole: Hello, I am CTO here at Netacea.

[00:00:30] Dani Middleton-Wren: Fabulous. And Cyril Noel-Tagoe.

[00:00:33] Cyril Noel-Tagoe: Hi everyone. I'm Cyril and I'm principal security researcher at Netacea.

[00:00:37] Dani Middleton-Wren: And Cyril's voice should be extremely familiar to any listeners from series one. A former host of Cybersecurity Sessions is gracing us again today.

[00:00:45] Cyril Noel-Tagoe: It feels different being in this seat now.

[00:00:47] Dani Middleton-Wren: In the panel seat or in the seat in a

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