Published: 27/05/2021

Technical Showcase: Netacea's Approach to Machine Learning in Advanced Bot Management

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The bot landscape is fast becoming more diverse and harder to quantify. The only way to mitigate these ever-changing threats is to capture and analyze vast swathes of data using advanced machine learning techniques, distinguishing real users from bots, and bad bots from the benign.

This is the approach that powers Netacea’s cutting-edge Intent AnalyticsTM engine. In this whitepaper, we pull back the curtain on our Data Science team’s multifaceted approach to machine learning, revealing how this comprehensive methodology allows us to tackle a growing number of advanced bot threats.

Read on to learn how and why a carefully considered machine learning approach is the “secret weapon” against emerging automated threats.

What you will learn:

•   Why quantifying and detecting diverse and sophisticated bot threats is a challenge

•   How Netacea’s server-side, data-driven approach gives our bot mitigation breadth and depth

•   How this approach can be applied to stopping scalper bots with an in-action example

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