Managed CTI Services

Netacea Threat Research Services

Netacea’s threat intelligence services helps enterprise brands enhance threat modelling for automated threats. Our intelligence helps you disrupt bot attacks in advance, unmask threat groups and arm your SOC, legal, fraud and executive teams with actionable reconnaissance, defence bypass and post attack intelligence.

  • Outsmart attackers by eavesdropping on their plans
  • Dynamic intelligence reports made actionable
  • Protect your brand with specialist resource and guidance
Netacea Threat Intelligence Service


secretive communities monitored


trusted identities established


years’ threat research experience across government and private sector

Specialized Bot Research for Your Business


Request research driven by specific business issues


Use predictive AI modelling to get foresight of planned attacks


Access one of the world’s few dedicated bot threat intelligence teams

Delivered to Suit a Range of Use Cases and Budgets

Without insider access to the most popular yet hidden criminal forums and marketplace it’s impossible to focus your defenses on your most exposed assets. By silently infiltrating criminal communities, Netacea uncovers this information to make your security more effective, delivered in formats and frequencies that suit your needs and budget.

  1. Managed Service

    Benefit from the ongoing support of a team of dedicated bot researchers capable of flexing to the changing nature of business risk.
  2. Professional Services

    Task specialist support teams with intelligence gathering or disruption activity to achieve a specific business outcome.
  3. Threat Feed

    Receive human-curated threat reports summarizing the discussions bot threat actors are having about your brand and sector.

Take Action Based on Evidence

  1. Get Tangible Attack Intelligence

    Uncover configuration files for credential stuffing your site. Know when scalpers have your future product drops in their sights.
  2. Receive Alerts on Live Campaigns

    React to bot campaigns targeting your websites, APIs and mobile apps in real time.
  3. Maximize Your SOC Resources

    Benefit from experienced bot researchers able to triage threats for you.
  4. Disrupt Attackers and Fight Back

    Sabotage attackers technologically or collect the necessary information to prosecute actors.
  5. Get Full Visibility

    Access threat data from over 3,000 hard-to-access sources such as Telegram groups, Discord channels, dark and open web forums, marketplaces and social media feeds.
  6. Access Unique Insights

    No other service offers the same level of depth into automated attacks as Netacea Threat Intelligence Service. Get ahead of increasingly costly bot attacks glossed over by other CTI teams.

Threat Intelligence Service Packages

Get a Threat Intelligence Service package to suit the frequency and detail your organization requires, in isolation or as part of your Netacea Bot Protection solution. All tiers include:

  • Access to industry vertical trends
  • Research into attacker capabilities fed into Bot Management service
  • Contextualization of bot attacks to aid your response
  • Access to our research library of whitepapers

Standard Tier 1

Take the next step with active engagement in bot forums, collecting invaluable insights to bolster your defenses.


  • Annual threat report
  • Automated monitoring of bot forums and marketplaces
  • Insight into specific threat groups targeting your business
  • More detail on bot attacks against your sites, apps and APIs
  • Red alert reporting on critical threats
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Advanced Tier 2

Supercharge your threat research with active monitoring over specific groups.


Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Quarterly threat report
  • Active engagement in bot forums and marketplaces
  • Comprehensive mapping of the threat landscape and how they change over time
  • Correlation of attacks seen by Bot Management solutions with specific groups
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Pinnacle Tier 3

Our top level includes an expert analyst integrated into your team, plus attacker disruption opportunities.


Everything in Advanced, plus:
  • Monthly threat report
  • Dedicated senior threat researcher integrated with relevant teams in your organization
  • Identification of potential pressure points from which to disrupt your attackers
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750m – 1bn USD

“Netacea uncovered intelligence we would never have been able to access. Now we have a full picture of our vulnerabilities and how to defend against them.”

CISO eCommerce

Pre & Post Attack Threat Intelligence For:

Credential Stuffing Configurations

Uncover the latest credential stuffing configurations written specifically to target your account login portals.

Stolen Accounts

Get intelligence on data leaks and accounts for sale on the dark web relating to your brand.

Cracked Cards

Get alerts on stolen and cracked credit cards advertised for sale on the dark web.

Fake Accounts

Uncover fake accounts created to access your services offered in underground forums.

Stolen Loyalty Points

Receive alerts when your loyalty points are put up for sale by criminal groups.

Scalper Bots and Modules

Get the latest intelligence on emerging scalper bots and modules targeting your brands or bypassing your defenses.

Scraping Services and Tools

Get ahead of advanced scraper bots as they adapt to defenses and target your web services.

Refund Fraud Schemes

Crack down on refund fraud services offered in illegal online communities.

Threat Intelligence Resources

The BLADE Framework report image
28th March 2023

Webinar: The BLADE Framework – The MITRE ATT&CK-style Framework for Bot Attacks

The BLADE Framework® is a vital learning tool in the battle against bot attacks. Watch this webinar to hear how Netacea’s bot experts use the BLADE Framework to protect customers from automated threats.
bot bypass techniques
25th April 2023

Webinar: How Bots Win – Bot Defense Bypass Techniques

In this webinar, hear how bots slip under the radar of defensive measures, using techniques like proxying, CAPTCHA farms and JavaScript de-obfuscation.
russian carding report cover
Research & Reports

Inside Russian Carding

Netacea reveals the hidden underworld of Russian carding markets, exposing the specialist tools, tactics and terminology they use to avoid prosecution.

Get Customized Threat Intelligence Directly Related To Your Business

Learn how Netacea helps hundreds of Enterprise Security teams protect against sophisticated bot threats and large scale attacks before they even happen.
  • A member of our team will reach out within 1 business day
  • Our experts will listen to your specific challenges, and security objectives
  • We will discuss out threat research package options with you