Leave No Weaknesses for Bots to Exploit

While other solutions leave attack surfaces exposed or rely on complex integrations, Netacea protects everything – websites, mobile apps and APIs – in one solution, with no JavaScript or SDKs needed.

One Platform. Three Powerful Capabilities.

Bots attack wherever your defenses are weakest, exploiting outdated mobile apps, unprotected APIs or exposed website defenses. Deployed from the edge, Netacea protects everything in one solution.


Protect all websites, across every brand and geography, from malicious bots with one simple integration. No JavaScript needed for easy maintenance and always up-to-date defenses.
Protect Web Applications

Mobile Apps

Ditch cumbersome SDKs and switch to native, simplified bot protection for every mobile application and device. Never leave old app versions unprotected again.
Protect Mobile Apps


Bots prey on the machine-to-machine accessibility of APIs, which client-side defenses can’t protect. Netacea deploys at the edge to detect malicious bots across all API endpoints.
Protect APIs

Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

Demo Netacea and see how our bot protection software autonomously prevents the most sophisticated and dynamic automated attacks across websites, apps and APIs.
  • Agentless, self managing spots up to 33x more threats
  • Automated, trusted defensive AI. Real-time detection and response
  • Invisible to attackers. Operates at the edge, deters persistent threats
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