10 Ways Bot Management Software Saves You Time and Money

Alex McConnell
Alex McConnell
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    Bots traffic is rising, accounting for upwards of 40% of all online traffic — With recent studies by Netacea showing 48% of enterprises had been attacked in the past year by malicious bots.

    More businesses than ever are at risk of fraud, privacy breaches, and other business disruption at the hands of cybercriminals. Bot management software can mitigate these kinds of attacks, helping you save significant time and money across your business.

    Find out if your company is at risk from bot attacks, and see ten ways bot management solutions can save time and money for you and your staff.

    Are you at risk from bot attacks?

    Any company that conducts business online is vulnerable to automated attacks — but certain industries are targeted more than others. Businesses in retail and e-commerce, financial services, gaming, travel, and telecommunications are especially vulnerable to bot attacks like account takeover and credential stuffing.

    However, any business that stores large volumes of data on their website, mobile apps, or API should consider investing in bot management software. While the best software isn’t necessarily cheap, you can get a significant return on your investment (ROI) if you choose the right bot detection and mitigation solution.

    How bot management solutions can save you time and money

    Here are ten ways bot management can help you improve ROI:

    1. Protect against data and privacy breaches

    Many bad bots are designed to steal data, which can then be ransomed or sold on the dark web. The fines for data theft and other privacy breaches are significant. Violations under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are fined at $7,500 per incident, with no upper limit on the maximum penalty. GDPR data breaches, meanwhile, incur fines of up to €20 million (£17.5 million) or 4% of your annual global turnover.

    Bot management systems can stop bots from stealing data, preventing potential privacy breaches that can cost your business millions.

    1. Improve website performance

    Bot traffic clogs up your server and slows down your site. Slow site speeds cause users to bounce from your site quickly, reducing the chances that they’ll stick around to close the sale. Slow websites can also cause SEO issues, as search engines use site speed as a page rank indicator. That means less online visibility, and fewer site visitors.

    A bot management service reduces the amount of bot traffic on your web server, freeing up space for legitimate users to browse your site.

    1. Detect and block sophisticated bots

    Bot threats are constantly becoming more sophisticated and evasive. These evolving bots demand increasing amounts of time to detect and eliminate from your site.

    With a bot management system designed to identify and block even the most advanced and aggressive bots automatically, you can ensure only appropriate web traffic reaches your website, app or API.

    1. Protect against DDoS attacks and other volumetric bot traffic

    Automated bot traffic makes it easy for attackers to bombard your website or API with thousands of simultaneous requests. This can slow down your site for users, and increase the chance of bots breaching your web application firewall and other security measures.

    A strong bot manager can stop huge surges in internet traffic, without compromising the performance of your site. This increases your uptime so more legitimate visitors can use your website.

    1. Reduce the need for staff intervention

    Many security systems — such as web application firewalls and intrusion prevention systems — rely on humans to constantly update their rules. This takes ages, and needs continuous monitoring to ensure your systems are providing the best possible protection.

    Using automated monitoring and an AI-based bot manager — or agentless technology as it’s known — frees up staff time to focus on product development and business growth, contributing to greater ROI for your business.

    1. Real-time results mean less downtime

    Website downtime is very expensive, particularly for large businesses. It’s estimated that one hour of disruption can cost between $300,000 and $400,000 — so it’s critical that businesses do everything they can to reduce malicious bot activity that can cause site downtime.

    Netacea’s bot management system learns about bot behavior in real-time, so it can detect and block even previously unknown bots. This protects your uptime and keeps your site online, even during sustained bot attacks.

    1. Reduce the impact on your marketing data

    To make the best decisions for your business, you need accurate data. Good bots and bad bots alike can skew your marketing analytics, which prevents you from making informed decisions about future campaigns and ad spend.

    Bot mitigation solutions remove bots from your marketing data, allowing you to see your real results. You can then use this to make better financial and marketing decisions for your business.

    1. Increase genuine conversions

    Forms are a gateway for bots to inject malicious code into your site, so it’s important to deter them.

    But it’s not just malicious bots that can cause your business to lose money. Simple spam bots can also submit forms and cause a surge in traffic, forcing your marketing team to spend time chasing leads that don’t exist. By preventing bots from crawling your site, you can maximize and follow up on genuine leads.

    1. Deployment is swift and simple

    Some systems take a long time to set up and implement, with teams of people required to make sure they work correctly. But if you choose a server-side bot management solution that doesn’t rely on JavaScript or SDKs to install, you can be set up within minutes.

    Netacea’s bot management system integrates with a range of content delivery networks. It’s fast and easy to deploy within any existing security setup.

    1. Get actionable intelligence from insightful dashboards

    Bot management software includes visual data dashboards that help you see the impact of your solution in real-time. You can drill down into your results to find out exactly which bots are visiting your site, helping you determine the best course of action for improving your cybersecurity.

    Protect your business from bad bots with Netacea’s bot management software

    Netacea’s bot management software is a server-side solution that helps protect your user experience, business revenues, and customer data from online fraud caused by bots. It’s proven to identify and block up to 33x more threats than other anti bot security systems. With our innovations in defensive AI and ability to analyze more traffic data at high throughput and low latency, Netacea is a critical component of modern enterprise security stacks.

    Find out more about how our multi-layered approach to bot management works here.

    Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

    Book a demo and see how Netacea autonomously prevents sophisticated automated attacks.

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    Block Bots Effortlessly with Netacea

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